Popeye (1980)

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Other mistake: During the end of the movie, when Popeye sings the title song, if you look at the bottom right of the screen, you can see the runway type platform that he dances on until he goes off the end, and ends the movie.

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Other mistake: As the people are going up the ramp to the Oyl's party, the man in the brown stops by the piling with a paper. As he bends over, there is a sound of the pelican pooping, and the man reacting to poop on his paper. The man and his paper are on one side of the piling, and the bird's tail is on the other. Couldn't have pooped on the paper unless he threw it.

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Continuity mistake: At the races, Wimpy has Swee'pea at the line up board, asking which horse to bet on. As Castor walks in, the shot cuts to Wimpy at the board. The number 7 slot is empty, and no attendant is there. As the shots alternate between Wimpy and Castor, there is an attendant behind Wimpy erasing slot 7, starting to write, then gone again after Castor goes by. In the next moment, Wimpy is directly in front of the board asking Swee'pea. After picking Holy Moley, the next wide shot has the attendant back again with a name in slot 7.

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Popeye: Another thing I got is a sensk of humiligration. Now, maybe you swabs can pool your intelligensk and sees that I'm axking you for an apologeky.

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Trivia: Robin Williams had to re-dub most of his dialogue after the producers discovered his muttered Popeye voice was inaudible after filming was complete.

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Question: When Bluto was meeting in private with Wimpy, what were they talking about?

Answer: One, Bluto is a bully and threatened him, after all his name is Wimpy. Plus he most likely offered to buy him a hamburger, which he would have paid next Tuesday.

Answer: How did Bluto convince Wimpy to do it?

Answer: To grab Swee'pea, while everyone was cheering Popeye for dunking the Tax Collector.

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