King of New York

Frank White(Walken), a recently released Crime Boss, reunites with his crew and attempts to take over the Drug Trade in New York city, but decides he's doing it for an altruistic reason. How will he fair against all the other Crime Bosses like Artie Clay, King Tito and Larry Wong? How will the Cops react to White's meteoric rise to the top?

Continuity mistake: In the car chase, the right headlight gets knocked out in the dark sedan, but later shots of the chase show both headlights working on all three cars.

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Jump: Yo, congratulations, Frank. Congratulations, man. Them Columbian motherfuckers, they took permanent vacation in hell, if you know what I mean.
Frank White: Well, I must've been away too long because my feelings are dead. I feel no remorse.

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