Corrected entry: In Red's story, the scene in the forest with the Wolf has little light due to the trees, but in the Wolf's story it is daylight with no shadow by trees.

Correction: We're seeing the story the way Agent Flippers is picturing it happening. This is evidenced by the end of Red's side of the story, where Granny doesn't appear tied up until Red says that's what she was like, and some other details needing to be clarified as well. Flippers pictured the scene with the Wolf as dark and menacing at first, because of the way it was described. Later, when he heard the Wolf's side of the story, with the Wolf being an investigator, he pictured it as more lighthearted, thanks to the new details he'd been given.

Corrected entry: When Boingo is going to his lair, he steps onto the cable car with Red's hood on but steps off without it, implying that it's still on the car, but later Granny uses the hood to save Red even though in no way could she have gained possession of it.


Correction: It wasn't the same hood. Granny picked up the hood when Red left it behind, and had it with her the entire time. Boingo was wearing a different red hood.

Corrected entry: In Red's version of the story The Wolf is seen drifting away in the river from Red's RIGHT to LEFT, yet when The Wolf tells his version, he is seen drifting from Red's LEFT to RIGHT. (00:13:15 - 00:27:25)

Correction: Like has been mentioned in other entries, continuity errors between the characters' stories does not necessarily indicate a goof. That the Wolf drifts from right to left in Red's story and the opposite in his story illustrates their different memories as to how the encounter happened, as evidenced earlier, with Red's pepper-spraying the Wolf scene (where Red's story omits the part where she beats the Wolf up).


Corrected entry: When Red sees Granny flying through the Sky (by parachute), it cuts to Red's Point of view, and it's clear that Granny is not holding the parachute's handles.

Correction: The point is that we're seeing what happened from Red's point of view. She didn't see the parachute, so in her version of events, we don't see it either (much like the way the Wolf's roaring at Red is different depending on who's telling the story).


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Red: What big ears you have.
The Wolf: All the better to hear your many criticisms.

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