Open Season

Corrected entry: In the scene where Boog breaks the dam, Shaw tries to close his window. It is about 3/4 closed, but when his truck goes underwater, his truck doesn't flood.


Correction: It's about 3/4 closed the last time we see it from the side; however, Shaw has plenty of time to close the window entirely by the time the truck is completely engulfed by the water -- we just don't see that because the camera angle moves from him to Boog to Elliott and back.

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Corrected entry: After Shaw returns to his home after the flood, he lights his fire and tries to look tough by lighting the match off his face. However, he had just been soaked by the flood and drenched with rain, so his face should be wet.


Correction: He had time to wipe his face, which he does even as he opens the fridge door. Also, he lights the match with friction from his whiskers.

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Corrected entry: When Boog is in the hunter's house, the hunter returns, and Boog needs to hide. When he ducks under the table you see the hunter right already next to the table in the next immediate shot with no time to get there. It is implied that the hunter didn't see Boog, but he can't be where he is standing in that shot without having seen the bear duck under the table.

Correction: It's a stormy night and the only illumination in the cabin comes from a bathroom light. It's expected that a dark brown bear would be perceived as a shadow, especially since Shaw expects to be alone and is distracted.

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Corrected entry: When Elliot is tied to the pickup truck, he is tied down by four separate ropes on each leg. when Boog cuts him lose he only cuts one rope and there would still be three ropes holding him. In the next shot all the ropes fall off and he goes free.

Correction: You can see Elliot untying the last rope before they fall off.

Correction: This has already been noted and corrected.

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Corrected entry: Buddy's lifestyle indicates him being a species of ground porcupine, of which no species exist in the new world.

Correction: "New World" as in the United States? There are 8 species of porcupines indigenous to the North American continent.

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Corrected entry: When Shaw is on the ground near the end of the movie, a rabbit runs at him with a spoon. The spoon is facing inwards, yet Shaw's reflection is right-side up. (Slow motion may help.)

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Correction: I watched this entire sequence in slow motion (even though, if you need to watch it in slow motion to see it, it's not really a mistake). The reflection, fleeting as it is, is accurate.

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Corrected entry: When Boog and Elliot are raiding the convenience store, there is a shot of Elliot with his head inside a gumball machine. There's no room for his one good antler so the animators just "dead ended" it.

Correction: Wrong - the antler is there, inside the gumball machine - in its entirety.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Elliot is in Boog's garage, he holds a hanger to his head in place of his missing antler to get radio reception- thus implying that he knows about the missing antler. Later, when Elliot sees his reflection in the water after meeting his old herd, he is shocked by the fact that he's missing his antler.

Correction: This in no way implies that he is aware he is missing an antler... it just means he has poor proprioception.

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Continuity mistake: At the amphitheater, just as Boog chases Elliott through the curtain and off the stage, the dark colored paint that was splashed across the back of the curtain only moments before is not visible when Boog and Elliott pull the curtain down upon themselves and neither of them have any trace of paint on them after they roll free of the paint-splattered curtain.

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Shaw: Don't trust him. Pets are double agents. The moment you turn your backs, he'll shiv you.
Bobbie: Oh, no he can't. We had him fixed.

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Question: Why is the word "Lorraine" scratched into the handle of Shaw's gun? The words are easily seen after Boog levels Shaw with a golf club near his gun.


Chosen answer: Shaw named his shotgun "Lorraine". He refers to the gun by the name throughout the movie. It's not an uncommon practice among hunters.

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