Final Destination 3

Trivia: The opening sequence is a foreshadow to a few of the deaths in the movie. The pinball-like game shows a picture of a woman with nails in her face (Erin), twin "electric sisters" (Ashley & Ashlyn), and daggers/swords (Lewis).


Trivia: Notice how on the final subway they pass Booth street (a reference to John Wilkes Booth who killed Lincoln) and are supposed to get off at Oswald St (referencing Lee Harvey Oswald who assassinated Kennedy.) Another reference to Lincoln is made earlier in the film with the pictures.

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Trivia: The gag from the first film with the John Denver song playing before someone's death returns for this film with the song "Turn Around, Look At Me" playing instead.


Trivia: In the DVD version's special features, at the end of the movie, a homeless person is sleeping on a subway bench, blanketed by newspapers reporting the death of the final two people involved in the "Route 23 Pile-up" from Final Destination 2.


Trivia: Kris Lemche (Ian) had to take forklift driving lessons for two days to learn how to drive one.

Trivia: Director James Wong noted that two characters were composited into the script. Two boys sneak onto the coaster, while Wendy and Kevin sit behind them; the boys are then removed by a ride attendant, leaving an empty car between Wendy, Kevin, Julie, and Perry. This was done to give Wendy and Kevin a reason not to know who was sitting in front of them, and to give a sense of relief that two innocent lives were saved from the crash.

Trivia: In the scene where the truck reverses into the car at the drive-thru, it is a truck that advertises Hice Pale Ale. There is also a truck in Final Destination 2 that has the same livery.


Trivia: Does the voice of the devil in the theme-park sound familiar to you? Or maybe the conductor on the train at the end of the film who says 'Next stop is the end of the line'? They should, because both are voiced by Tony Todd, who played the mortician in the original Final Destination.

Trivia: The ending was re-shot, reportedly because of unfavorable reactions at preview screenings. This also happened with the two previous films in the series.

Trivia: The scene taking place in the tanning booth was a closed set. Only the camera operators were in the same room with Chelan Simmons and Crystal Lowe and black curtains were draped to keep onlookers out.

Trivia: It's been mentioned that Tony Todd is the voice on the roller coaster, but also notice the sign at the entrance to the roller coaster. It has the words "I'll see you soon" which was exactly what Tony Todd's character, a.k.a. The Guy at The Morgue, says to Alex in the first film as he and Clear leave the morgue.


Trivia: When Wendy is driving to the Centennial, she sees a large, black wolf in the road. This is likely a reference to a creature mentioned in mythology, known as The Grim by Harry Potter fans. A large, black canine that often serves as a death omen.

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Visible crew/equipment: In several shots during the weight room scene, a boom mic is reflected in the hanging swords.

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Wendy Christensen: What happened to willful ignorance?
Kevin Fischer: Hey, I'm full of shit, all right? I never thought I could see my own death before it happened Wendy.

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Question: In the scene just before Erin dies, they are talking about if anyone else was on the ride and Ian makes a comment about a guy in a black cloak and how the ride attendant took his sickle, (or whatever), before the ride started. I know it's supposed to be a joke but what's a "sickle" and what did he mean by his comment?

Answer: A sickle is a harvesting tool with a crescent-shaped blade (with the sharp edge on the inside) as seen on the old USSR flag (along with a hammer). It's a reference to Death, who is most often seen dressed in black cloak with a scythe. On rare occasions Death has a sickle, but more often it's people confusing the two tools or thinking the words are synonymous. Plus, it's easier for some people to say "sickle" than "scythe." Ian is saying Death is on the ride.


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