Final Destination 3

After forseeing a horrible rollercoaster accident, Wendy Cherstenson manages to get herself and nine others off the ride. But as time progresses, the survivors begin to die. Much to her horror, she finds that the photos he took the day of the accident forshadow the deaths. Wendy must search for the survivors but discovers that she doesn't know the identity of two of them. She teams up with her friend Kevin and they race the clock and search for the mystery survivors before time runs out.


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Ashley says that they've got CDs in the tanning salon you can see Ashlyn keeping a cream tube on the table with her right hand. In the next shot you see her continuing the same action with the left hand.

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Kevin Fischer: What's wrong?
Wendy Christensen: It's nothing. It's just that I'm going to be worrying about you every second while you're gone.
Kevin Fischer: Why would you worry about me? We don't even like each other, remember?

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Trivia: The opening sequence is a foreshadow to a few of the deaths in the movie. The pinball-like game shows a picture of a woman with nails in her face (Erin), twin "electric sisters" (Ashley & Ashlyn), and daggers/swords (Lewis).

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