Final Destination 3

Wendy is on a train 5 months later and sees advertisments of the places Erin, Ashely, Ashlyn and Frankie were killed at. She also sees an advertisment stating that "the only things that can't be escaped are taxes and death." Having a bad sense she tries to get off but is met with a massive inflow of people and decides to get off at the next stop. The train attendant says "end of the line" and starts the train. This is where she sees her sister Julie. After trying to figure out why she's here and also trying to comfort Wendy they see Kevin (all of them didn't even plan on meeting up. It was just a freaky coincidence). Meanwhile a rat eats through one of the train wires and derails the train. They all ended up dying in a new premonition, Julie is the first to die. She gets thrown to the other side of the train as Wendy screams for her to stay down Julie stands up to be clobbered by a large train wheel, Kevin is then thrown to the window and the speed and velocity sends him cracking the window and getting grated by the tunnel walls, Wendy somehow survives the wreck even after being tossed from the train yet a train piece has impaled her leg and she cannot move from off of the tracks, meanwhile a train comes speeding toward her and by the time she realizes that the premonition is about to come true, the train is already moving and the emergency break doesnt work. They start beating on the glass and you hear screeching, the screen then goes black and you hear a few screams. Viewers are left to wonder whether the premonition came true, or Wendy could've done something about it.


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Visible crew/equipment: In several shots during the weight room scene, a boom mic is reflected in the hanging swords.

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Erin: Death is fucking complicated.

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Trivia: Notice how on the final subway they pass Booth street (a reference to John Wilkes Booth who killed Lincoln) and are supposed to get off at Oswald St (referencing Lee Harvey Oswald who assassinated Kennedy.) Another reference to Lincoln is made earlier in the film with the pictures.

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Question: We know that Wendy's pictures on her camera are clues to everyone's deaths, but Death's plan was for them to die on the roller coaster. Also, Wendy took the photos before she got on Devil's Flight, so if everyone was supposed to die on the coaster, what's the point of the pictures?


Chosen answer: It's metioned in the filmakers' commentary that in every Final Destination movie everyone has a premonition (Of course), well it's also mentioned by the director, James Wong, that if death wants to kill them why give them the premonition in the first place? Well he believes that there is some other force out there trying to prevent death from killing these teenagers. That's where the premonitions come in including the signs therefore, Wendy's pictures are helping signs like voices or visions from other movies. It's just the whole "giving signs" thing is portrayed differently in this movie.

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