Trivia: Lightning McQueen uses Lightyear brand tyres (as opposed to Good Year), which is a reference to Buzz Lightyear from another Disney-Pixar movie, Toy Story.

Trivia: "Route 66" was the original title of this film, but the name was changed to "Cars" so as not to imply a connection with the television show "Route 66".

Trivia: "The King" is one big tribute to Richard Petty- The King of NASCAR. In his prime, he drove the 43 as pictured in the movie. In the movie the 43 is voiced by Richard Petty. His wife, who Mater calls "Mrs. The King" is voiced by Richard's wife, Lynda Petty.

Trivia: When all the places are shutting down for the day of the last race, a sign can seen that says: "City of Emeryville - Closed." This is a reference to Emeryville, California, where the Pixar studio is located.


Trivia: Doc Hudson's character is based on a real racing team from the early fifties, with a car named the "Fabulous Hudson Hornet". Also, the reason he told McQueen he was "out of date" and not wanted after "recovering" from his accident is the same reason the real Hudson Hornet ended its dominance of Nascar around 1955: the introduction by Chevrolet of the OHV small-block V8 engine. There are history pics on the web showing cars with the same paint job Doc Hudsons had as he was shown being the pit crew boss in the final race.

Trivia: The red 8 car seen briefly in a couple of scenes was voiced by NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. Dale Jr, also drives the 8 car on the NASCAR circuit.


Trivia: When the "Our Town" song is playing and shows all the old cars driving in and out of Radiator Springs, one of the cars leaving the town resembles the one and only "Christine" from the movie of the same name.

Trivia: George Carlin, the voice of Fillmore, was born on May 12th of 1937. This is why his license plate reads "51237." It is also the zip code of George, Iowa.


Trivia: According to Richard Petty, The King's crash at the end of the final race is a frame-by-frame recreation of Petty's 1988 Winston Cup accident at the Daytona 500. The only difference is that the real crash was not caused intentionally, but rather by accident.


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Trivia: At the big race at the end of the film, when the camera cranes down to the news crew, to the left you can see the Pizza Planet truck from Toy Story.

Trivia: On the 'Bonus Features' screen the postmark shown bears the date, Jan 12, 1957. This was the day the Creator, John Lasseter, was born.


Trivia: In small print on the racecar tyres, it says "Gamma Quadrant Sector 4," a reference to where Zurg's base is in Toy Story 2.


Trivia: During the "Life is a Highway" song, when Mac drives McQueen, there's a quick shot of birds on a telephone wire. They are the birds from the short film "For the Birds" that can be seen at the beginning of Monsters, Inc..

Trivia: The train which almost crashed into McQueen when he was on his way to Radiator Springs has the number A113 on it. Mater's license plate is also A113. This is a recurring inside joke in several animated shows and films, referring to the number of the classroom used by animation students at CalArts.


Trivia: In the teaser trailer for the movie, they show a race where one of the cars looks similar to Lightning McQueen. This car was an early build of Lightning.

Trivia: The two Masserattis that are with Michael Schumacher Ferrari in the end of the movie actually appears earlier in the beginning of the final race; they are entering the security area with Fred when he cannot get in even when Mario Andretti says his name. We can see the license plate of the green Masseratti in the epilogue when the wheel well is being reopened. The license plate is B9513. (01:33:30)

Trivia: The 'Hidden Mickey' is revealed when all of Radiator Springs' neon lights are fixed after Lightning McQueen's makeover. On the roof of Flo's V8 Cafe, a rotating neon light lines up to form the 'Hidden Mickey'.


Trivia: At least two of the car numbers are significant. Chick Hick's number is 86. Pixar was formed in 1986. Lightning McQueen's number is 95. Toy Story was released in 1995.

Continuity mistake: In the tractor tipping scene, Mater demonstrates to McQueen how to do it using two tractors before Mcqueen's first try. And then when McQueen accelerates to make the noise and we have a wide open shot of the field, we can see that all the tractors in the field are still turning. Missing are the two already done by Mater. (00:55:40 - 00:56:25)

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Suggested correction: There are McQueen and Mater's tire tracks on the far left when we see the tractors turning, hinting where the two tractors Mater tipped were.

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Harv: Where are you? I can't even find you on my GPS.
Lightning McQueen: I'm in this little town called Radiator Springs. You know Route 66? It's still here!
Harv: Yeah, that's great, kid. Playtime is over, pal.

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Chosen answer: Nope, nothing official was ever said. There are very few truly original film storylines these days; a close examination of most films would allow one to swiftly note plot similarities to any one of a number of preceding movies. Both Cars and Doc Hollywood fit neatly in a very standard storyline of an outsider coming into an unfamiliar cultural group, which they learn to appreciate and benefit from, while their presence likewise benefits the group they encounter. While the two are unusually similar, no comment on the subject was ever made.

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