Underworld: Evolution

Trivia: Co-star Tony Curran, who plays the villainous vampire Marcus, also played a vampire in "Blade II", and co-starred in "The League of Extraordinary Gentleman" - a film also featuring vampires.


Trivia: The child-actor playing young Selene is actually the daughter of adult Selene's actress Kate Beckinsale.


Trivia: Tony Curran, who portrays Marcus, stipulated in his contract that he wanted his vampire fangs to be made in such a way that he could leave them in during the entire shoot - including days he wasn't filming.


Continuity mistake: The pendant worn by Lucian in the first film triples in size whenever it is shown in Evolution.

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Marcus: I know what you have done, Selene.
Selene: Viktor deserved his fate. And Kraven was no better.
Marcus: Kraven has already reaped the rewards of his own misdeeds. And yes, Viktor deserved his fate, many times over. A terrible business, the slaying of your mortal family. Yet so much effort was spent to conceal this matter from me. What do you suppose Viktor had to hide? Or perhaps it is you Selene, as the last of your wretched family, who has something to hide?

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