Underworld: Evolution

The first of the vampires, Marcus, awakens and sets out to free his brother, William, first of the lycans. Selene realizes the reason for her family's death was because her father was the one who built William's prison, with the keys being the locket Michael got from Lucian and the other inside Viktor. Marcus gets the keys and drinks Selene's blood to access her memories of the prison. Selene and Michael finds Alexander Corvinus, the father of Marcus and William, who then does nothing as his vampire son impales him with a wing. He later redeems himself by letting Selene drink his blood, so she would be strong enough to defeat Marcus. In the end, Michael kills the freed William, and Selene kills Marcus. The sun rises and Selene realizes she no longers burns under sunlight since she drank Alexander's blood and is now a hybrid.


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Selene: You're Alexander Corvinus.
Alexander Corvinus: There was a time when I was known by that name... by any name, I am still your forefather.

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Question: What was the name of the song playing in the Yahoo only trailer? It starts when in says "this January" and goes through to the end. I really like this song and it is driving me mad.

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