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Corrected entry: Due to the lack of sunlight, because she is a creature of the night, you expect Selene to be a lot less tanned then shown when she's naked. (00:37:00)


Correction: I just so happen to have watched this movie (again) last night. Selene seems to be pretty white to me. I really didn't see any evidence of her having a tan.

Nick Bylsma

Corrected entry: In the scene where Michael and Selene were getting away from Markus, when the sun was about to shine, we see Selene's hands start burning even though she is wearing gloves that would cover her hand.

Correction: Apparently, the gloves don't provide adequate insulation against the sunlight. If simple clothing were all that were required to walk about during the day, vampires would just walk around in burqas, wouldn't they?

Corrected entry: When Selene was painting on the wall of the prison, when she was a young child the painting was at her eye height. Now when she returns, the painting (although faded by time) is again at eye height but now she is an adult. The painting should be under the water, but would serve no purpose there since the audience could not see it.


Correction: As an adult, the painting is well below Selene's eye level. Her shoulder is at sun-height (at the very least), which is well above either of the younger girls.


Corrected entry: When Selene fights with the local cops in the forest, she gets shot in the gut with a shotgun and yet for the rest of the movie, she doesn't have bullet holes in the gut region of her clothes.

Correction: Actually when she is picking up Tanis' girlfriend's bra, you could see there is a hole in her corset. Which would be from the shotgun.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Michael is chased outside the tavern by the police, he leaps onto the roof of a police car, leaving a large dent. After Michael runs off into the woods, it switches back to the shot of the police car and the dent is gone.


Correction: Already submitted and corrected. Not only is the dent there, the light bar on top is also crushed.


Corrected entry: When Michael goes out for some food, when the guards start chasing him he jumps out onto a police car with two guards in it, the car's roof bends down with Michael's weight/impact, the shot follows Michael as he escapes, when in that same scene the camera turns back to the car the two guards get out and the roof is intact. (00:27:30)

Correction: No, the roof is not intact. In addition, you can see the police light bar has also been crushed.

Corrected entry: In the beginning of chapter 13 at Tanis' lair, Selene is walking around with a UV bullet Machine Gun. Michael asks "How does a vampire have lycon bodyguards?" Soon the shot then pans to Selene, where the UV machine gun disappears, and then answers the question by opening up a secret compartment, where all of the UV guns are and says, "Because he was trading with him.UV rounds. (00:49:10)

Correction: She lowered the gun, turned to look at the torn tapestry, and opened it, revealing the hidden lab for making UV bullets. The gun does not disappear.

Corrected entry: When Marcus is being shot by Selene with silver bullets during the truck chase, he heals pretty well, despite being half-Lycan. But when Michael has been shot with "normal" bullets by the police, Selene says he could die. Surely, being a hybrid as well he should heal quickly, like Marcus.


Correction: Marcus is an elder. He has been alive for hundreds of years and is the original vampire from the Corvinus clan. He is bound to be a lot stronger than Michael.

Corrected entry: When Marcus brings down the chopper at the end, it somehow falls vertically into the hole, doesn't explode and the blades keep turning when it gets caught up in the bridge. At the very least, the rotors would have shattered.

Correction: First off, the chopper gets caught up by the tail and never actually hits the ground, which explains the lack of exploding. Second of all, the blades just hit the wooden bridge so they cut through the rope and wood instead of shattering on the rock. Thirdly, the blades do actually break off, they just don't shatter. As Selene is walking away the blades slow down and stop; you can see that they are about half their normal length and have jagged edges where they had broken off.

Nick Bylsma

Corrected entry: When Selene and Michael have gone to Tanis' place of exile, they are riding in a flawless Range Rover type vehicle. Michael fights with a Lycan outside and the two smash up the vehicle's windows and windshield. Then, as Selene and Michael are leaving Tanis', we can see light reflect off of the vehicle's unbroken and obviously-still-there windows and windshield.

Correction: It is a completely different vehicle. It is safe to assume that Tanis had a few cars and sorts lying around that they could borrow, after all Lucian did look after him.

Corrected entry: Just after the truck chase with Markus, and the sunlight is creeping over the hills, Kate Beckinsale and Scott Speedman crash the truck through the wall of a garage. As the sun is still shining into the garage, which would kill Beckinsale's vampire, Speedman covers all the windows with black paint. When he is done, the garage goes completely black. Does no sunlight shine through the big hole they made in the wall when they crashed through the garage? Came from a cinema viewing.

Correction: There is still plenty of light inside the garage, it is not gone completely black. He only covers the windows to make it a safe passage to the container because direct sunlight is the "problem" for vampires. Inside the container there is no light (there is indirect light when the door is open) until Selene uses the light stick. She is safe from direct sunlight and they don't have to worry how the sunlight will shine into the garage.


Corrected entry: After Selene hands starts burning in the big truck when they drive through the wall they hit a smaller car if you look there was no damage done, but when they are leaving in the different smaller car it has a dent in it.

Correction: The dent is in the middle of the front fender, but when the car is seen directly after the crash the front fender can't be seen completely, only to the beginning of the wheel arch because a barrel obstructs the view. That is why you think there is no dent.


Corrected entry: When Selene is at Tanis' castle, and falls into the werewolf pit, the knife she grabs is visibly white, yet when she throws it, it appears to be black.

Correction: The knife is a metallic silver-grey at all times, it just looks white or black depending on the light or shadows.


Corrected entry: Why are the vampires slain by the original werewolf transformed into werewolves? It was made clear in the first movie that surviving both infections is what made Speedman's character special, that no one else could, so the vampires slain by the wolf should just have died.

Correction: But this is the *original* werewolf, the "normal" rules don't exactly apply. The original werewolf (and his original minions) couldn't control their shape shifting, but later generations could. It's entirely plausible that the original strain of werewolf "infection" was powerful enough to overtake anything else.

Nick Bylsma

It is never stated that Alexander's men are immortal. They may just be hired men that are trained to clean up the mess. Therefore they would convert if bitten. The problem I have with the end is that, William didn't bite all the men but they seemed to all convert. People don't normally convert by simply being killed by a werewolf. They have to be bitten.


Corrected entry: Right after Selene and Michael crash the truck through the wall of the garage Michael covers the windows with buckets of paint with his bare hands, but once he is done he has no paint on his hands or anywhere on him.

Correction: First, Michael doesn't really coat windows with paint using his bare hands - he uses his werewolf form claws to open the buckets, than he splashes the contents onto the windows. As such, we don't know enough of werewolf physiology to assume that paint will stick to their skin, or that it won't fall off when they change part of their body back to human form.

Corrected entry: It was shown in the truck chase seen and when Marcus sat down on the chair while taunting the banished historical guy that he didn't weigh over a ton. If this was the case, how was Marcus able to pull down the helicopter without anchoring himself on the floor? Even with infinite strength, he would have simply pulled HIMSELF up towards the helicopter instead of dragging down the copter down towards him.

Correction: Marcus, in his beast-form, was clutching the ground with his claws. Also, given the fact that he's able to manifest a significant amount of body mass somehow when transforming (his wings, larger muscles, etc.) it's possible that somehow he weighs a great deal more in beast-form.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Selene and Michael are supposedly 'making love' it looks more like Michael is rooting her bellybutton than anything else.

Correction: However silly he may look while "making love", it is not a movie mistake if he doesn't appear to be doing it correctly. Character mistakes are not movie mistakes.

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Continuity mistake: In the scene where the helicopter is outside the castle, the entry team dons their diving gear to enter the water. They put on gas masks with one viewing panel. When the shot changes to a water view the entry team is wearing scuba masks, which have their viewing panel divided in half by a black line. When the team emerges from the water within the castle in the next shot they are back to wearing masks with one window. (01:16:40)

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Selene: You're Alexander Corvinus.
Alexander Corvinus: There was a time when I was known by that name... by any name, I am still your forefather.

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Trivia: Tony Curran, who portrays Marcus, stipulated in his contract that he wanted his vampire fangs to be made in such a way that he could leave them in during the entire shoot - including days he wasn't filming.


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Question: What was the name of the song playing in the Yahoo only trailer? It starts when in says "this January" and goes through to the end. I really like this song and it is driving me mad.

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