Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
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Revealing mistake: when Pintel is running up to Ragetti during Elizabeth's rant on Isle Cruses, you can see the path in the sand where Pintel has run up in previous takes. (01:48:05)

Revealing mistake: When Will, Gibbs, and the other pirates climb up the cliff's 90ยบ rockface, their hair, jewelry, etc do not reflect the gravity which would naturally affect them, despite any wind.

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Revealing mistake: Will slides down the sail, aided by the knife. At the start of the next shot, when he grabs hold of the mast line, the cut in the sail runs the the bottom edge of the sail, yet, Will is actually seen falling from the top of this shot - way above the end of that knife cut. (01:36:10)

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Revealing mistake: The long bamboo pole lies directly at "Chief" Jack's back whilst he is bound by the rope. However, when Jack escapes and runs, in a few shots there is a distinct outline of an apparatus at his back - under the vest, with which the pole lies higher up, away from the actor's back.

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Revealing mistake: The crow pecking on the floating coffin Jack is hiding in has a modern-day identification band on its leg.

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Revealing mistake: When the crew is first rowing up the tributary to Tia Dalma's shack while Gibbs is telling the story of Davy Jones, Ragetti (the eyeball pirate) is shifting his head back and forth, but part of the skin on his neck doesn't move with it; apparently it is some sort of prosthetic.

Revealing mistake: In the first scene where we see Elizabeth talking to Jack on the deck of the ship, you can tell that Elizabeth is wearing a wig. When she turns to Jack, the wind blows her hair over the front of her shoulders, and you see her real (very short) hair on the back of head. When it cuts back to an over the shoulder shot of her, her wig is now covering her real hair.

Revealing mistake: When Will and Norrington duel on the roof, in the wide shots the face of Will's stunt double is rather obvious.

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Revealing mistake: When the fruit from Jack's "kebob" lands next to him, they gently plop to the ground intact, despite having fallen from a great height. Although Jack also lands intact, his fall was cushioned by a number of obstacles - the multiple wooden bridges, the bamboo pole catching between the rocks, the unwinding rope, etc. With the exception of the pineapples, the already-damaged fruits (from being speared) are too thin-skinned or the rinds too brittle to have survived an impact from the height, speed, and angle shown. These are the SAME fruits (papayas, mangos, and melons) that easily splattered into pulp when thrown at Jack by the native women with far less force, a slower speed, and at a close range.

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Revealing mistake: When Jack, the monkey, runs off with Ragetti's false wooden eye, the pirate's eye socket does not look empty in specific shots, only covered by a contact lens.

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Revealing mistake: On the sand during the sword fight after the chest is found, a shot from above shows the three men having two shadows each, revealing the presence of on-set lighting.

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Revealing mistake: When Jack, Elizabeth, Norrington and the crew are sailing to meet the Dutchmen, you can see the water is moving past the Pearl, showing the Pearl in motion on the water. There is then one shot of Elizabeth and the sea behind her is completely still and not moving past the Pearl. Camera cuts and again the sea is moving past the Pearl.

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Revealing mistake: Elizabeth says."Oh the heat." You can see the exact spot where she is going to fake faint, from previous takes.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest mistake picture

Plot hole: There are six metal bars mounted around the circumference of the water wheel's axle. In the wheel's interior, when Jack frees himself he lands on his feet, begins to run and promptly hits his head on one of those axle bars, then falls out. Moments later, when Jack returns and runs in the wheel, he is shorter (way more than a foot) than all six spinning axle bars, which would make that previous shot impossible, however humorous it is. (01:52:40 - 01:53:55)

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Tia Dalma: You know I demand payment.
Jack Sparrow: I brought payment. Look, an undead monkey! Top that.

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Trivia: The face on the small music box lid is visible when Will steals the key from Davy Jones. At Tia Dalma's, when Jack steals the ring, it lies beside a necklace whose pendant is identical to the face on Davy Jones's music box.

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