Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

Question: What happened to Norrington, how did he lose his title?

Answer: Norrington didn't lose his commission. He felt he disgraced himself by failing to capture Jack Sparrow and resigned from the Navy. Then he aimlessly wandered the Caribbean, sinking further and further into despair.

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Question: Several times, people refer to something about the Black Pearl, that Jack Sparrow made some sort of deal with Davy Jones to raise it from the ocean floor. Am I right, or is there something I haven't picked up on?

Answer: Jack made a pact with Davy Jones to raise the Black Pearl from the ocean depths and to be her captain. Jack agreed that after 13 years, he would surrender himself to Davy Jones and serve on his crew for 100 years.

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Question: Was any explanation given as to why Anna Maria (Zoe Saldana) was eliminated from the Black Pearl's crew and also from the movie series? Female pirates weren't uncommon. I'd like to know why Disney deleted this interesting character.

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Chosen answer: Without asking Disney directly, we may not know, but Zoe Saldana has made many films since the first Pirates movie, generally playing one of the lead roles - the most likely explanation is that she chose to focus on those projects and thus was unable to find a gap in her schedule to play a relatively minor character in Dead Man's Chest.

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Question: When the Kraken attacks the ship near the end, several unnamed "extras" are manning the cannons, getting killed, etc. My question is where did all these sailors come from? All the unnamed sailors in Jack's original crew died on the cannibal island, and they picked up a maximum of four in Tortuga.

Answer: We only saw the four that were recruited on Tortuga. Additional sailors could have been added before they set sail, although far from the 99 that Jack needed to save his soul.

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Question: Can someone share some light on the prison scene at the start of the 2nd movie. Where is this prison? How does Jack know about it and who runs it? It is a scary looking place that is well designed but has next to no explanation or further role in the movie past this scene.

Answer: There is no explanation given about where the prison is, who runs it, or how Jack knows about it. Its only significance is that it is a plot device that sets the movie's story into motion. Jack needed the drawing of the key that will eventually lead to the Dead Man's Chest. He finagled his way into the prison solely to steal the drawing, then he escaped. There is no need for the audience to know more details about the prison or how Jack learned about the drawing's existence and its meaning.

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Question: Why did they try to outrun the Dutchman? Wouldn't they have known that Jones had the power to summon the Kraken? The first ship that Will thinks is the Dutchman, Jack prods Gibbs who tries to cover it up by saying "Must have been a foul at the reef" So Jack and Gibbs both know that the Kraken destroyed this ship (Bootstrap even tells Jack that Jones' leviathan is after him) The crew member Will speaks too says it was something beneath them with a foul breath, then the Dutchman appears nearby. When Will is on the Edinburgh, the Kraken attacks again with the Dutchman nearby. At the very least you'd expect Will to be able to put two and two together that every time the Dutchman is near, so is the Kraken! Wouldn't he have warned everyone about this?

Answer: Their best chance is to reach land or at least shallow water, as the Kraken cannot attack them in either area. If they engage the Dutchman or stay in open water, they risk the Black Pearl being completely destroyed.

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Question: Why did Will specifically need the Black Pearl to free his father? The only thing the Pearl had going for it was the speed. Wouldn't a ship fitted with more firepower be better suited for taking down the Dutchman?

Answer: The Black Pearl is the only ship that can catch up to the Flying Dutchman.


Answer: As you mentioned it is the fastest ship. Other reasons, it's a ship Will knows it is one that he has an opportunity to bargain for by betraying Jack Sparrow to his enemies.

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Also, Will would have very little opportunity or the means to acquire another ship.

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Question: Why doesn't the Interceptor fight back against the Dutchman and the Pearl?

Answer: I'm assuming you're actually referring to Beckett's ship the Endeavour in the third film "At World's End." (The Interceptor was destroyed in the first film.) If that's the case, the ship is simply outgunned and the captain Beckett freezes and doesn't make any commands. He doesn't know what to do because there's no way he could win. The call is then made to abandon ship. Hence, they don't fight back.


And without an order to attack, they were simply not able to. Beckett had hoped the Dutchman would be on his side. And was simply gobsmacked at the turn of events.

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Question: We are told that Dave Jones and his crew were ‘fishified' (by Calypso?) because they stopped ferrying souls, because Davy Jones was mad when his girlfriend, Calypso, didn't show up after he had been ferrying souls for ten years. So was Davy Jones just pirating after that and always trying to staff up the ship? Why would he need to recruit if they were undead? And what was happening to the souls, before Will became Captain of the Flying Dutchman and fulfilled the duties?

Answer: The souls were just drifting around, not finding peace as we see when the black pearl sails away from Davey Jones locker. Davey Jones was just having fun killing shipwrecked people and recruiting anyone who feared death. The crews members don't stay on the ship indefinitely, some get off eventually and Davey needs to resupply the ranks.

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Plot hole: There are six metal bars mounted around the circumference of the water wheel's axle. In the wheel's interior, when Jack frees himself he lands on his feet, begins to run and promptly hits his head on one of those axle bars, then falls out. Moments later, when Jack returns and runs in the wheel, he is shorter (way more than a foot) than all six spinning axle bars, which would make that previous shot impossible, however humorous it is. (01:52:40 - 01:53:55)

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Tia Dalma: You know I demand payment.
Jack Sparrow: I brought payment. Look, an undead monkey! Top that.

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Trivia: The rings worn by Jack Sparrow are not mere props, but rings that Johnny Depp actually owns. After completing the first film and learning of the second and third installments, Depp actually bought several rings specifically for the Pirates films. Another one of the rings he wears is actually a replica of an antique ring he owns.

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