The Da Vinci Code

Trivia: The film was shot under the fake working title "Rose Line".

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Trivia: The bruise on Silas' temple is in the shape of a cross. The cut on Sophie's neck is in the shape of a chalice.

Trivia: At the reception after Langdon's speech Dan Brown can be seen amongst the guests. (00:05:05)


Trivia: When Langdon and Sophie are talking in the bathroom, look at the wall tiles. It's the blade and chalice.

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Trivia: The poster outside the elevator in the Louvre advertising the Caravaggio exhibit features Caravaggio's "The Boy in the Well", referencing the incident in Langdon's childhood.

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Trivia: References to supposed Priory of Sion members are scattered throughout the film. For example, Botticelli's Venus graces the cover of Langdon's book "The Sacred Feminine" and there is a poster on the streets of Paris for Les Miserables, by Victor Hugo.

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Trivia: Multiple churches and religious buildings refused to let the production shoot on their premises due to the "blasphemous" premise of the book. As a result, many buildings had to be created with CGI, which is noticeable throughout the film.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Sophie finds the cross key behind the painting, her hand is holding the painting while the key falls, but in the next shot, her hand isn't touching the painting at all.


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Sophie Neveu: We are who we protect, I think. What we stand up for.

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Question: Tom Hanks told Sophie that she was the heir of Christ and she was not the little girl in the accident which killed all four family members. Why did Sophie have memory of the accident which was shown when she was trying to help Tom Hanks relieve himself from his phobia inside the armored truck?

Answer: Tom Hanks NEVER said that Sophie wasn't in the car crash. What he said was that her last name was really "St Clair" (The same name as the family that died), and the press reported her dead as well. The man she called her grandfather wasn't really related to her, he just took care of her and gave her his name. That is why she could find no records of her family's death, she was looking for the wrong name.

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