The Da Vinci Code

Trivia: The film was shot under the fake working title "Rose Line".

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Trivia: The bruise on Silas' temple is in the shape of a cross. The cut on Sophie's neck is in the shape of a chalice.

Trivia: At the reception after Langdon's speech Dan Brown can be seen amongst the guests. (00:05:05)


Trivia: When Langdon and Sophie are talking in the bathroom, look at the wall tiles. It's the blade and chalice.

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Trivia: The poster outside the elevator in the Louvre advertising the Caravaggio exhibit features Caravaggio's "The Boy in the Well", referencing the incident in Langdon's childhood.

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Trivia: References to supposed Priory of Sion members are scattered throughout the film. For example, Botticelli's Venus graces the cover of Langdon's book "The Sacred Feminine" and there is a poster on the streets of Paris for Les Miserables, by Victor Hugo.

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Trivia: Multiple churches and religious buildings refused to let the production shoot on their premises due to the "blasphemous" premise of the book. As a result, many buildings had to be created with CGI, which is noticeable throughout the film.

Continuity mistake: When Teabing rolls the Cryptex to Langdon near the end of the movie, in one shot we see that the Cryptex rolls to a stop about 6 inches from Langdon's knee, but when the shot changes to an overhead view we see the Cryptex is now suddenly at least 2 feet from Langdon. Then the shot changes again and its now more like a foot from him.


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Silas: Are you the Teacher?
Remy Jean: I am.

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Question: Is Mary Magdalene really buried at the Louvre, or are they just making that up?

Answer: Come on. The whole book and movie are a work of fiction. The whole thing is "made up" with a few references to historical events and a few real organizations thrown in.


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