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Lucky Larry: What the hell did you go and do to all these people?

Dylan Johns: Happiest time of my life is when I was broke.

Richard Nelson: I wouldn't put a lot of faith on what the captain says. I'm an architect, and these boats weren't designed to float upside down.

Robert Ramsey: You know, I think there's more money in that pot than my old man made in a year.

Maggie James: Conor! How did you get in there?
Conor James: I don't know but the water's really high.

Robert Ramsey: Now I know we're on this ship, but technically you two are still under my roof and it makes me uncomfortable... you two... alone.
Jennifer Ramsey: Dad, do you have any idea how big this ship is? Don't you think if we really wanted to we could find somewhere away from you to do that thing you're so afraid of us doing?

Robert Ramsey: It's a pressure valve. It won't open unless there's tremendous pressure.

Plot hole: When the ship has turned on its side for the brief moment, it cuts to inside the ship where a hallway explodes, causing the ship to submerge. The only problem is the people are standing on the ceiling, but if the ship's on its side, they'd be on the wall, not ceiling.

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Trivia: According to Entertainment Weekly, the CGI Poseidon is 218 feet longer than the Titanic, which would make it 1100½ feet long, 31½ feet shorter than the Queen Mary 2.

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Answer: According to him, yes: https://www.thefreelibrary.com/BOX+office%3A+Making+drowning+an+art+form%3B+Kurt+Russell+tells+Robin...-a0146253600.

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