Flight 93

After passengers arm themselves, pray and make final phone calls to loved ones, Todd Beamer says "Let's roll!" The group begin their counterattack, running down the aisle and overpowering the first hijacker; he is killed by a passenger who crushes his skull with a fire extinguisher. Seeing this, the second hijacker alerts the other two in the cockpit of the ongoing assault. This hijacker is overpowered and killed after having his neck snapped. The passengers then breach the cockpit with the food cart and finally gain entrance into the cockpit, and battle the other two over the controls. As the passengers and hijackers struggle for control of the yoke, the plane plummets into a nosedive and the aircraft goes upside down, crashing.

Continuity mistake: When Ahmed Alhaznawi (the tallest of the four terrorists) has just gotten through the metal detector, a pattern of light appears on the floor behind him between shots.


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Honor Elizabeth Wainio: Hi, Mom, it's me. I'm on the plane that's been hijacked. I'm just calling to tell you that I love you, and goodbye. This really kind woman handed me the phone and she said to call you.

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