Match Point

Chris Wilton is a pro-tennis player who never quite made it big. He moves to London in order to teach tennis lessons at a lavish country club. There he meets Tom Hewett and they become instant friends. Tom introduces Chris to his sweet but shy sister Chloe. Chris and Chloe start dating and her extremely wealthy parents take an immediate liking to him. Chris then meets Tom's girlfriend Nola Rice, an aspiring actress from the United States. Nola is very sexy and seductive which infatuates Chris. Chris continues to date Chloe in order to become closer to Nola. Chloe convinces her father to give Chris an executive position at his company, which Chris does very well at. Eventually Chris and Nola sleep together, although Nola tells Chris nothing can ever come out of it. Tom and Nola eventually break up. Soon after Chris and Chloe get married and struggle to become pregnant. Chris' career with the family company is flourishing and he begins to settle into his life with Chloe. One day at the Tate Modern in London, Chris bumps into Nola and begs her for her phone number. They begin to have a steamy affair and eventually Nola becomes pregnant. Chris keeps promising Nola he is going to tell Chloe about the pregnancy and leave her to be with Nola. Chris is torn between being with a woman he is lustfully attracted to or to remain with his "sweet" wife and her successful family who have many connections to the upper class society of London.

Continuity mistake: When Chris finds Nola in the Tate modern, her arm changes from bent to down between front and back shots.

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Nola Rice: You're going to do very well for yourself. Unless you blow it.
Chris Wilton: And how am I going to blow it?
Nola Rice: By making a pass at me.

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Question: Is Nola really pregnant? She's taking medicine and the police say nothing about a pregnancy to Chris, when they show him Nola's diary.

Answer: No, she's not pregnant.

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