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Match Point (2005)

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Corrected entry: While Chris is leaving his tennis bag in Opera's cloakroom, it contains a shotgun. Plot's taking place after the terrorist attempts in London's underground and in that time everyone entering such a public place was obligated to go through check point with metal detectors.

Correction: And so one must ask oneself, does this particular (and fictionalized, if not entirely fictional) opera house actually HAVE metal detectors? Since it's obviously not addressed within the film, this isn't really a mistake, but rather a necessary (if perhaps slightly illogical) plot device.


Continuity mistake: When Chris finds Nola in the Tate modern, her arm changes from bent to down between front and back shots.

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Nola Rice: You're going to do very well for yourself. Unless you blow it.
Chris Wilton: And how am I going to blow it?
Nola Rice: By making a pass at me.

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Question: Is Nola really pregnant? She's taking medicine and the police say nothing about a pregnancy to Chris, when they show him Nola's diary.

Answer: No, she's not pregnant.

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