The Family Stone

Christmas has come again the next year and Thad and Patrick arrive with a new baby boy. Susannah has had her baby boy. Kelly and Amy come in with boxes of ornaments but they couldn't find the stockings which shows that Sybil has died and that not everything is perfect. They go into the family room where Brad, Elizabeth, John, Ben, and Merideth have put up the tree. Julie and Everette arrive and the family goes to meet them but Amy and Brad stay back to put the last ornament on. The movie ends with the photo of Amy and Sybil that Merideth and given everyone for Christmas and the reflection of Amy and Brad kissing.


Continuity mistake: Everett's car is not one but at least three cars. The first time we see it, there are no stickers on Mer's side, but there are some on Everett's side. Later, there are stickers on Meredith's side only and later still stickers are on her side but have changed.

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Question: At the end of the movie, the family is around the Christmas tree. At the left side of the dad there is a guy standing as part of the movie scene, who is he?

Answer: I think you're talking about John Trousdale, Susannah Stone's husband, played by Jamie Kaler.


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