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Just My Luck (2006)

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Continuity mistake: When Ashley moves in with her two friends she breaks their bathroom mirror with a hairdryer. Later on in the movie, in the scene where her two friends are giving her a pep talk about luck, we see the same bathroom mirror in the background, which is now perfectly fine. Right after that, Ashley goes into the bathroom and looks at herself in the mirror, which has suddenly gone back to being broken.

Continuity mistake: After Ashley gets electrocuted, Jake gives her a bottle of orange juice to cool her fingers. When he first hands it to her, the name of the drink faces Jake, then it faces Ashley, then back to Jake. (01:00:45)

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Continuity mistake: When Antonio drops off the dress at Lindsay Lohan's apartment, they say "Bye" and he is a few feet down the hall and waves at her from his left. In the very next shot, he's now standing right next to the door and it's his right side we now see.

Continuity mistake: Near the beginning when Ashley is waiting for the lift at her workplace, pay attention to the magazine she's carrying. Later, when Ashley gets off the lift after getting a date with David, she's carrying a different magazine.

Continuity mistake: When Ashley is looking through the window of the cafe, the waiter places down two plates of muffins. When the scene changes so we can see Ashley outside, the waiter is placing the plates of muffins down again.

Continuity mistake: When Ashley is at the art exhibition and she is talking to the artist, her eye patch moves up and down on her forehead slightly between shots.

Audio problem: In the house scene when the little girl speaks to Lindsey Lohan (approx. 1 hr 15 minutes), when she speaks facing away from the camera, it is either another girl dubbed in or a poor dubbing by the same girl. Her tone is very different in the moments before and after this period.

Deliberate mistake: After Ashley gets covered in mud, for the next five minutes or so of the movie the amount of mud on her constantly changes between shots, especially on the back of her head.

Continuity mistake: Near the beginning when the girls are at work, and Dana is telling Ashley how "Saturn is in line with Neptune", notice how Dana then hands a coffee to Ashley. Couple of shots later another coffee suddenly appears in Dana's hands.

Continuity mistake: In the "no buy, no sit" restaurant scene Ashley grabs some bacon off a diner's plate and starts to eat it, when she says her line and pulls her hands from her face there is bacon hanging from her mouth. The shot cuts and comes back to her and her hands are in the same position but it's obviously different pieces of bacon hanging from her mouth, and the piece of bacon in her hand has moved to the other hand.

Revealing mistake: When Harry Judd drops his drumstick down the trapdoor backstage, watch him carefully - He actually opens his hand and chucks it forward slightly.

Deliberate mistake: In the scene where Jake and Ashley are talking after the washing machine sprays foam everywhere, the amount of foam on Ashley's head changes between shots. It also changes on Jake when Katy enters the scene, especially on his right arm.

Continuity mistake: When Katy and Ashley are talking after the laundry room scene, pay attention to Ashley's spoon in her cup. Just as Katy says "That's cool. I'm a loser too" and the camera switches to Ashley, her hand is suddenly on the spoon.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where the girls are just leaving the Japanese restaurant, notice their clothes. Next time we see them they're still wearing the same clothes underneath, but now they have coats, scarves etc. that they didn't have at the restaurant.

Continuity mistake: When Lohan's character goes to confront the tarot card reader, a car pulls up to a stop in the background. Two seconds later, the same car again pulls up to the stop in the background.

Continuity mistake: When Dougie Poynter's bass string breaks in the dressing room at the concert it hits Danny Jones in his left eye. A few scenes later when the band are looking for Harry, they walk through a door backstage and Danny can be seen holding his hand up to the wrong eye in pain. Oops. (01:20:20 - 01:21:10)

Continuity mistake: When the girls are looking at SJP's dress, Ashley closes the door, Maggie is beside Dana and her right glove is folded down to her wrist. When she says, 'Whose is it?', it is folded back up, but when she says, '...lived in your building.' it is down again. (00:14:35)

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Continuity mistake: When Ashley's friend is playing her song for the band at the end of the song she is shown from the back. She spins her body slightly forward and to the left. When it cuts to a front shot she is spinning her body to the right and back.

Character mistake: Ashley should be smart enough to know not to wear high heels while buffing the bowling alley lane. They might break or scuff up the floor, she should've worn sneakers or sandals.


Ashley Albright: Ever since this masquerade bash, it's like I'm the Anti-Midas, and everything I touch turns to crap.

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Question: What's the name of the first techno/dance song that's played in the masquerade ball scene?

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