Factual error: When Morty is showing Michael how to use the remote, Michael rewinds to a family vacation in 1976. A childhood friend of his invites everyone over to his parents' RV to watch Three's Company. Three's Company didn't premiere until 1977.

Audio problem: When Michael is caught in a traffic jam he shouts, "Will ya stop talking and fix the sewer". But if you look at the side view mirror, his mouth is not in sync with the words.


Continuity mistake: When Ammer tells Michael that he hasn't yet got the promotion, he's wearing his glasses. Just before Michael 'pauses' him to smack him around, his glasses disappear without him taking them off.

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Continuity mistake: The ice cream scene at the 4th of July, the daughter is eating a bowl of ice cream that is below the rim of the bowl. The next shot, her bowl is loaded with ice cream.

Continuity mistake: In the breakfast scene Michael is nipping from his coffee cup. Then a close-up on Janine. Michael holds the cup a bit away from him. Again we see Janine. Then Michael puts the cup down to the table. Another shot of Janine (with her hands to her breasts) and then we see Michael again putting his coffee cup down.Then a few seconds later he starts to fill milk into his bowl. A short shot of Janine and Michael is already chewing while he speaks to Janine holding his spoon in his right hand.Then Janine stands up and walks a bit. Michael turns towards her and the spoon is down in his cereals and he has his right hand down beside his right leg. (00:22:50 - 00:23:40)

Continuity mistake: When Mike is fat and pauses time as he is arguing with his ex wife. The other bloke's stance changes from different views.

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Continuity mistake: During breakfast with Donna and Janine, the cereal on Michael's spoon disappears, the spoon changes angles, and then the cereal reappears again.

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Continuity mistake: In the scene where the kids are coming downstairs to get a Twinkie, the box changes from Spanish to English from the view of the stairs.

Continuity mistake: When Michael inadvertently pauses his wife as he pauses the documentary her facial expression changes from the close-up to the wide shot.


Continuity mistake: In the final hospital scene, after Ben and Samantha leave, the nurse goes over to talk with a patient in the background. The nurse is just talking to the patient, then we see Michael rip off his oxygen tube and get up. Then we see a shot of the nurse again and he is washing the patient with a sponge of some sort. The nurse then approaches Michael. Then we see a shot of the patient again and the sponge is nowhere to be found.


Other mistake: When Mike stops time to hit his boss, he starts getting off the desk. There's a bottle of water on the desk, however, the water is moving around from Mike moving on the desk. How can the water move if time is frozen/paused?

Other mistake: During the time when they are telling Mike about chemotherapy, you can see the end of his bed. It's way too short for him to be lying down.


News Reader in 2017: Michael Jackson, the first man to clone himself is now suing himself for molesting himself.

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Trivia: Michael's neighbors last name is O'Doyle, which is the name of the bully kids in Billy Madison who say "O'Doyle Rules."

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