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Continuity mistake: The red wine stain on Davian's shirt is much redder when he enters the restroom than just after the wine is spilt on him. (00:51:00 - 00:52:20)

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Continuity mistake: When Davian and Hunt are fighting in front of Julia, Davian slugs Hunt on the floor and walks for the gun. Hunt is twice seen lying on a floor with no glass, the second shot a close-up showing his face and clean arm. In the next shot, as Hunt rallies and goes to rise from the same body position, he's lying in piles of glass and has glass stuck to his arm.

Deliberate mistake: Ethan draws the outlines of the buildings on the window. But the drawings line up with the real buildings from the camera's viewpoint, not as Ethan would see them.

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Suggested correction: He is simply making a quick, crude sketch of the buildings to illustrate his fulcrum idea. It did not need to be within line of his eyesight. He just needed to quickly demonstrate his idea to the team.


Continuity mistake: In the bridge scene Ethan runs to the IMF truck to retrieve the G36 gun case. He shoves it out across the ground and flees to escape the approaching missile. When the missile strikes, the explosion knocks Ethan against a car, and the gun case is blown further across the ground and appears to come to rest right next to him; yet in the next shot he has to run several steps to get to it. (01:07:00)


Continuity mistake: When Ethan is offered the task and refuses, he is told that just in case he has a change of heart, that the team will be "wheels up at sunrise". When he arrives the next day, the sun is much more in the position of late morning.

Continuity mistake: When the IMF team, plus a few more for protection, are in a helicopter, the protection team, two of them, plus Ethan, are hanging outside the helicopter, all strapped in, of course, but, suddenly, the door is closed and everyone is inside.


Factual error: In the Shanghai scene, the shot immediately following Ethan's parachute getting caught on the light post shows a tall skyscraper with a pyramid peak in the background. This tower is called Tomorrow Square, located in the Jing'An District, and is nowhere near the Pudong financial district where all action is supposed to be happening. (01:29:35)


Factual error: In the scene where Davian gets hit by a truck, there is a shot of a taxi afterwards. The Chinese characters read 'bus' rather than 'taxi'.

Owen Davian: We've implanted an explosive charge in your head. Does that sound familiar?

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Trivia: The scene in which Julia brings Ethan back to life is copied almost identically from the scene in "Lost" (Director JJ Abrams' hit TV show) where Charlie is brought back to life. Incidentally, you can hear the "Lost" music played throughout the show, most noticeable when Davian is about to pick up the gun to kill Julia.

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