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X-Men 3 (or X-Men: The Last Stand) concludes the first trilogy of mutants vs humans stories without director Bryan Singer while still trying to capture his beats. In this film, a "cure" for mutants is available, which divides loyalties and causes Magneto to again seek war against humankind. Cue appearances by Angel, Psylocke, Juggernaut, Shadowcat, Callisto, Multiple Man and others to jump in just in time for their 15 mins of fame and a big, noisy climax as Jean Grey embraces her dark side and becomes Phoenix! With the fate of the world hanging in the balance, can the heroes save the day? Not without some sacrifices and a few wasted characters, sadly. Some good elements, but not the best way to end the series...a bad turn which repeats itself again unfortunately in 2019's Dark Phoenix.

Erik M.
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Continuity mistake: When Logan pulls out the two horns from his stomach, the camera shows two holes on the singlet as part as his wounds. In the following scenes, the holes of the t-shirt have recovered (I know Logan has healing ability, but not his clothes).

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Eric Lensherr: Charles Xavier did more for mutants than you will ever know. My single greatest regret is that he had to die for our dream to live.

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Trivia: Longtime X-Men writer Chris Claremont appears with a lawnmower in the Grey's neighborhood at the beginning of the film. (00:02:50)

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Question: At the very end of the movie, before the credits, with Magneto playing chess, did he manage to move or knock over the chess piece?It cut to black too quickly for me to see. Were they trying to show that the cure was not permanent?


Chosen answer: The piece did move, very very slightly. I'd argue that the cure is generally permanent, but perhaps with someone of Magneto's power the X gene can't be permanently suppressed, and will slowly regenerate itself through his body, gradually restoring him to full strength.

Jon Sandys Premium member
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