X-Men 3

Continuity mistake: After Magneto declares war, troops are briefly seen exiting from a bus with brown boots. As they line up, you can see the boots have been replaced with black rubber ones.

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Factual error: When Magneto has moved the Golden Gate Bridge, we see the President looking at a Satellite Image of Magneto's work. In this image, Alcatraz Island is bigger and closer to the shore than it is in real life.


Continuity mistake: When Warren dives out of the skyscraper window after refusing the cure, in the shot from his POV, as he starts to fall, you can see lots of broken glass falling with him. When it cuts to the exterior shot of him falling, there is no falling glass.


Continuity mistake: The position of the cure needles that Hank/Beast jabs into Magneto's chest change from a circular pattern to a straight line between shots. The line is oriented differently a few minutes later as well. (01:28:55 - 01:29:40)


Other mistake: When Magneto is overlooking San Francisco Bay (just before lifting the Golden Gate Bridge), the scene was shot on a green screen, as whoever keyed in the sky cut off the very top of his head. What's more, it shows the characters in profile with the setting sun behind them, but they are not in silhouette. What light source in San Francisco is bright enough to outshine the sun?

Revealing mistake: After Jean kills Charles, Jean's house (which is suspended in the air) crashes downwards. Watch the scene very closely, and you can see some minor slip-ups in the computer rendering that give it away as a CGI shot. For example, some of the debris on the walkway in front of the house vanishes after landing. A very small piece of debris on the walkway is also seen "popping" upwards for no reason after having sat still for several seconds. Also, right before the shot ends, a few piece of debris in front of the middle window on the roof begin to flop about before flipping upwards in defiance of gravity. There are also several other minor issues with the shot. (Jean is no longer using her powers once the house falls, so this can't explain it).


Mutant: [Grows his arms back after Wolverine cuts them off.] Yeah, bring it on!
[Wolverine kicks him between the legs and he collapses to the ground.]
Wolverine: Grow those back.

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Trivia: The combat simulation the X-Men are running on their first appearance in the film features the dread Sentinel robots. Originally, these were meant to appear in the second movie already, but the idea was scrapped. The simulation also bears a close reference to the parallel comic storyline and later movie X-Men: Days of Future Past, where the Sentinels rebelled against humanity, killed most of Earth's superheroes and erected a totalitarian regime in the US.


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Question: At the very end of the movie, before the credits, with Magneto playing chess, did he manage to move or knock over the chess piece?It cut to black too quickly for me to see. Were they trying to show that the cure was not permanent?


Chosen answer: The piece did move, very very slightly. I'd argue that the cure is generally permanent, but perhaps with someone of Magneto's power the X gene can't be permanently suppressed, and will slowly regenerate itself through his body, gradually restoring him to full strength.

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