Superman Returns

Trivia: Gertrude Vanderworth (the dying elderly woman at the start of the movie) is played by Noel Neill, who also played Lois Lane in the original T.V. series.

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Trivia: Just after the Jet "lands" in the stadium, the film shoots back over to Lex and his gang at the mansion. We see a closeup of the battered miniature town and there is a downed sign showing the name of the model railroad city, "Smallville."


Trivia: The two writers of the movie make a cameo appearance as the two teens in the museum who are told it's time to leave and they are a bit "man-handled."


Trivia: A meteorite at the Metropolis museum is labeled as being from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. This was the location of the chunk of kryptonite Luthor got his hands on in the '78 movie. (The year of its discovery is listed on the sign as 1978).

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Trivia: In the scene where the woman loses her brakes, Superman picks up her car and slowly puts it down. The stance he has was the same stance of Action Comics 1 with Superman on it.


Trivia: One of the shuttle engineers is (Sir) Richard Branson, owner of Virgin Galactic, which is funding the successors to the Spaceship One program. Spaceship One was the first privately-funded space flight. The craft was launched from an airplane, similar to the shuttle in the film. "Virgin Galactic" also appears on the monitors.


Trivia: Bo the bartender when Jimmy Olsen takes Clark Kent to the bar is played by Jack Larson who also played Jimmy in the original T.V. series and also guest starred as an old Jimmy in the Lois and Clark series.


Trivia: When Clark is at the Kent home talking with his mother, she walks to the window near a piano. On the piano are sheet music and a number of framed photos. One is a very young Eva Marie Saint (the actress who plays Martha Kent). Another is Glenn Ford (the actor who portrayed Jonathan Kent in the 1978 movie).

Trivia: In the scene where Superman is talking to his sleeping son in his bedroom, take a look at what other superhero is all over his pajamas. It's none other than Aquaman, another classic DC Comics hero.

Trivia: If you look at Superman's symbol on his chest closely, you can see that there are many very small "S"s all over it.

Trivia: When Superman rescues the plane and lands it on the baseball field and goes into the plane. He says "I hope this incident hasn't turned you off flying. Statistically speaking, it's still the safest way to travel." This was what he said to Lois Lane after he rescues her from the helicopter in the original movie.

Trivia: While meeting with director Bryan Singer, Brandon Routh spilled coffee on him. Brandon believed that this incident would not get him the part of Clark Kent/Superman. However, Bryan Singer saw Clark Kent's clumsiness in Brandon and offered him the role.


Trivia: For several years after release, director Bryan Singer attempted to get a sequel made, which would have been far more action-packed and moody and would have had the title "Man of Steel." The film was never made in part because Singer became attached to other projects, co-star Brandon Routh's contract expiring and an impending writer's strike. Somewhat ironically, the next Superman film was a reboot that used the title "Man of Steel" and was notable for being much more action-packed and moody in tone, similar to how Singer wanted to approach his sequel.

Trivia: One of the reasons a sequel wasn't fast-tracked is because the film made about $400 million worldwide against a budget of around an estimated $200 million. Though the film subsequently became quite profitable on DVD and Blu-Ray and was one of the top rentals and sellers for both 2006 and 2007, studio executives got cold feet, as they had initially hoped the film would hit the $500 million mark in theaters. Director Bryan Singer in an interview once half-jokingly but mostly seriously exclaimed: "That movie made $400 million! I don't know what constitutes under-performing these days."

Trivia: While Lex is telling Lois about his plans to make new land on the sea, the dialogue between him and Kitty about what his father told him when he was young and she says "get out?" is taken from Richard Donner's Superman movie.


Trivia: Bryan Singer became attached to the project as he was a massive fan of the original Richard Donner film from the 70's. He sought Donner's approval and aimed to make this film a "true" sequel to Donner's film and Donner's original vision of "Superman II", disregarding the third and fourth films.

Trivia: Due to the exposure and revamped interest this film gave to the prior "Superman" movies, original "Superman" director Richard Donner was able to finally complete and release a "director's cut" of "Superman II"- a project which he filmed a great portion of before being fired and replaced with Richard Lester. Donner's cut of the film however had to get creative and use archival footage from the other films and screen-test footage to fill in the gaps for incomplete scenes.

Trivia: Perry White prepares two headlines, one if Superman dies and one if he survives. The second, "Superman Lives", was also the title for a proposed Superman film that failed to materialise.

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Trivia: Bryan Singer claimed he would not make the film if he could not have access to John Williams' Superman themes.

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Trivia: Interior shots of the 777 were filmed in the largest gimbal ever constructed (up to the time). A gimbal rig is like a motion simulator, the platform can pitch and yaw to simulate the movement of the plane.

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Continuity mistake: In the scene where Lois Lane is holding her son as Lex Luthor is revealing his plan to her the ring on her left hand switches back and forth between her middle and ring fingers. (01:25:05)

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Lex Luthor: Gods are selfish beings who fly around in little red capes and don't share their power with mankind.

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Question: If the crystal grows when it is dropped into water, whatever happens to all the chunks that fall off the new continent as Superman lifts it out of the ocean? Wouldn't they simply continue to grow and begin the crisis all over again?

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Chosen answer: The chunks that fall off the "new" land are actually bits of the earth's crust. Superman had actually drilled himself way beneath the "new" land (under the bottom of the ocean floor) so that he was not in contact with the Kryptonite infected crystal land, so that he could lift it up and get rid of it. It is this earth crust that falls off slowly, revealing the kryptonite crystals beneath, and this is why his strength slowly gets taken away as he flies higher, until there is too much exposed and he loses all his strength.

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