Superman Returns

After 5 years absence, Superman (Brandon Routh) returns to Earth from his home planet Krypton, which was supposedly destroyed. Back on Earth, he learns that his old love Lois Lane (Kate Bosworth) is engaged, has a son whose parentage is a bit uncertain and has won a Pulitzer for an article about why the world doesn't need Superman. He also learns that his old enemy Lex Luthor (Kevin Spacey) has escaped from prison and is hatching a new, dangerous plan involving crystals stolen from Superman's arctic hideout and a few shards of Kryptonite. It's a race to the finish as Superman tries to convince Lois that not only does the world need him, but she needs him as well, and at the same time destroy Luthor's plans before they destroy Superman's life and the lives of countless others.

Robert Davis

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Continuity mistake: In the scene where Lois Lane is holding her son as Lex Luthor is revealing his plan to her the ring on her left hand switches back and forth between her middle and ring fingers. (01:25:05)

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Superman: Your wrote that the world doesn't need a saviour. But every day I hear people calling out for one.

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Trivia: The two writers of the movie make a cameo appearance as the two teens in the museum who are told it's time to leave and they are a bit "man-handled."

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Question: If the crystal grows when it is dropped into water, whatever happens to all the chunks that fall off the new continent as Superman lifts it out of the ocean? Wouldn't they simply continue to grow and begin the crisis all over again?

Julie Wegner

Chosen answer: The chunks that fall off the "new" land are actually bits of the earth's crust. Superman had actually drilled himself way beneath the "new" land (under the bottom of the ocean floor) so that he was not in contact with the Kryptonite infected crystal land, so that he could lift it up and get rid of it. It is this earth crust that falls off slowly, revealing the kryptonite crystals beneath, and this is why his strength slowly gets taken away as he flies higher, until there is too much exposed and he loses all his strength.

mandy gasson
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