Superman Returns

Lex creates a giant kriptonite encrusted Island and stabs Superman with Kriptonite. Superman falls into the sea and it looks like curtains for him when Lois and her husband Richard come and rescue him. Lois takes the Kryptonite out and Superman, half recovered goes back to the island, lifting it up with all his strength. Lex and his buddies go to leave but his henchman get killed and he and Kitty leave in a helicopter, Kitty dropping the crystals as they leave. Superman throws the island from Earths atmosphere and tumbles back to earth with a thump, leaving him in a coma. Superman lives and finds out that Lois Lane's son is his. He says the same thing to the boy (the son becomes the father and the father becomes the son) that his dad said to him. It is left very open at the end, for sequel's sake I take it, but Lois makes it clear she wants Superman in their lives and her current boyfriend is out of the picture. She asks him whether he she will see him around and he replies 'I'm always around Lois' and flies off.

Robert Davis

Visible crew/equipment: When Lois pulls up to the house where the blackout was traced to, she hears some music coming from the boat down at the dock. As the camera pans upwards over the car, as she steps out, the whole camera and a crew member are reflected in the side of the car.

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Superman: Your wrote that the world doesn't need a saviour. But every day I hear people calling out for one.

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Trivia: The two writers of the movie make a cameo appearance as the two teens in the museum who are told it's time to leave and they are a bit "man-handled."

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Question: Okay couple of Questions. 1) Superman Returns is between parts 2 and 3, Lex at the end of Superman Returns is left on possibly an uncharted island. How did Superman know what island to pick Lex up on so he can be put in jail for part 4 where he breaks out of jail? 2) What happens to Lois and Superman's or Lois's boyfriend kid since there is no reference to any kid in parts 2 3 or 4.

Answer: The film doesn't take place between II and III, it just carries on from Superman II, ignoring 3 and 4 completely. Think of it as a parallel timeline.

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