Factual error: At the beginning of the movie, the main characters are supposedly in Amsterdam, but everyone is speaking German, it's not just the main characters doing this.

Factual error: When Paxton arrives at the station at the end of the movie he is supposed to be in Germany, yet there is a sign on the platform which reads 'Praha'. Also watch out for posters and signs in bad german language like an add which reads 'Neu am DVD' (should be 'Neu auf DVD') and a sign with 'Dieser Bahnhof wird Video - bewacht' ('Dieser Bahnhof wird video├╝berwacht') on it.

Factual error: In the beginning, the Amsterdam redlight district is shown. They have shown windows on which sex scene shadows appear. Actually, all redlight windows in Amsterdam have big red-colored thick curtains which are closed when any customer gets in with the prostitute. There is no way that shadows can appear and visitors can see it from outside. Doors are also closed from inside, so it is not possible to open it as shown in the film.

Factual error: The amount of blood that comes out of the main characters hand when his fingers are cut off is too much to be realistic at all.

Factual error: When the girl has her eye cut off, pus begins to pour out, but realistically there is no reason for this to happen, nor would it even happen in real life.

Plot hole: There's no way Paxton could have took the bodies off the cart, laid them down, and stacked them back on top of him in the 3 seconds it took for the guy to open the door. (01:07:15)

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Paxton: Do you see a single other person in here with a fucking fanny pack? Wait, there's a guy. Why don't you go over there and have fucking fanny back sex with him, and then you can jizz all over each others storage compartment?

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Trivia: In the second youth hostel they visit, people are watching TV. The movie they are watching is Pulp Fiction, directed by Quentin Tarantino, who is one of the producers of this film.

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Question: Before Paxton escapes he sees guards talking to the police outside the building. I'm confused to why he says "oh shit" - is it because they pay the police to keep it quiet and that is why he doesn't shout for help to the police?

Answer: Exactly, yes. This interaction tells him that the police are in on the operation, and will not help him.

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