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Corrected entry: When the Japanese girl is looking into the glass at the train station towards the end of the movie, you can see her real eye underneath the makeup of her gouged eye.


Correction: I just watched the scene several times, and you never see her real eye under the makeup.

Corrected entry: At the beginning, Alex says that there are hardly any men in Slovakia due to the war. In reality, there has been no war since 1945. Even the girl who lures the three girls in the sequel, Hostel: Part II, says there has not been a war in Slovakia for 50 years.

Correction: Alex is trying to con the guys into going to Slovakia by saying there are many willing women there. He basically lied to make the situation sound more appealing to guys who were just looking for sex and who would have no clue whether there'd been a war or not.

Corrected entry: When Pax is hiding on the cart in the "chop shop" room, watch as the body above him gets thrown onto the table to be chopped up. You can CLEARLY see the dead body breathing.

Correction: You never see any of the bodies breathing. In fact, there are no full bodies on top of him, only pieces.

Corrected entry: When Paxton kills the "German Surgeon" near the end of the movie, there is blood and bloody water everywhere, yet when he's back on the train, there is not a spot of blood on Paxton's clothes.


Correction: The blood was coming from the mans hand and face which were both pointing down towards the ground, therefore no blood got on Paxton at any time, except maybe his shoes.

Corrected entry: Towards the end of the movie an Asian girl is tortured, having most of her right face burnt off with a welding-torch, before Paxton rescues her. Miraculously, however, despite the intense burning, none of her hair is so much as singed.

Correction: Her hair was out of her face and she was burnt with a torch that had a very straight flame coming out of it. Not so unrealistic at all.

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Corrected entry: When at the disco in the beginning of the film, the blonde boy gives his fanny pack to Paxton to go dance with someone. Later, it shows them walking towards their hostel, but no one has the fanny pack, and no further mention is made of it.

Correction: Paxton has it in his hand the whole time.

Corrected entry: When the main character is escaping, he gets slowed down by a parked van. As the driver gets in the van, you can see the van move before you hear the engine starting.

Correction: More than likely, the van has a manual transmission where when you press the clutch to start the vehicle. If the parking brake is not pressed in, the vehicle can move vefore the driver starts the engine.


Corrected entry: At the beginning when the guys are in Amsterdam yelling to open the door to the hostel where they stay in. They are actually yelling in German rather than Dutch while they are in Holland. This happens quite frequently at the beginning of the movie.

Correction: These are Americans, in a foreign country, and as such, make a poor assumption. Character mistake.


Corrected entry: When the man torturing the main character is shot in the head, he reacts to being shot about a second after the bullet actually hits him.

Correction: Having been shot (accidentally) myself I know it can take a second or two for the force of the impact to register with your body.

Corrected entry: The guys are supposed to go to a hostel "someplace near Bratislava, Slovakia". But as they approach the destination train station, they get off in a town called "Poricany" (see the station sign), which is located in the Czech Republic (different country), about 22 miles east from Prague and about 3 hours north-west from Bratislava.

Correction: They catch a taxi (or private car, who often give rides for cash to people) from Poricany. It is not shown how long they were in the car. He could have driven them the whole way. It's possible that Poricany being a small town, would not have a connecting train to Bratislava until much later, even the next day, so they chose to take a taxi the rest of the way.

Continuity mistake: In the end scene in the train station, Paxton is tailing the Dutch businessman to the toilet. As he turns to go down the flight of stairs, there is a girl in a white jacket and blue jeans carrying a white bag and going downstairs behind the Dutchman. As the scene continues two seconds later, further down the stairs from the opposite angle, we see the same girl magically appear walking in the opposite direction going up the stairs. (01:26:55)


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Paxton: Do you see a single other person in here with a fucking fanny pack? Wait, there's a guy. Why don't you go over there and have fucking fanny back sex with him, and then you can jizz all over each others storage compartment?

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Trivia: While Josh is being tortured by the guy with the shaky hands (right when he's slicing the back of Josh's ankles), he is screaming and wiggling in the chair. As he was doing this, the leg of the chair really crushed one of Derek Richardson's (Josh) toes. Despite the pain, he continued to act out the scene without telling anybody because he thought it would be more realistic.

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Question: Before Paxton escapes he sees guards talking to the police outside the building. I'm confused to why he says "oh shit" - is it because they pay the police to keep it quiet and that is why he doesn't shout for help to the police?

Answer: Exactly, yes. This interaction tells him that the police are in on the operation, and will not help him.

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