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Grandma's Boy (2006)

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Alex is putting the tray of food into the oven it shows a banana on the tray. When it shows the tray again, the banana is no longer on the tray.

Correction: If you look closely as he pulls the tray out, the banana is a little black crispy twig, as a banana would be if you baked it.

Corrected entry: In the scene that Alex gives the "Antique Roadshow" tickets to his grandma and they cut to the TV report about the lion Dante bought. Dante is swearing profusely on TV, however, almost every word he said should have been edited out.

Correction: Should have does not mean it will always happen. There are numerous times where a news or sportscaster is taped swearing on TV, live and sometimes pre-recorded.

Corrected entry: When Alex and Samantha are playing street fighter during the party, the first three shots show Dante, Kane, Dr. Shakalu on the couch in the background, but in the fourth shot it shows Alex's old roommate with the Filipino hookers in the same spot.

Correction: The shots are a collage fo things occuring during the party, and not meant to be one continuous scene, thus having his old roomie at the end is only an indication of time passage.

Corrected entry: At 00:25:30 Samantha tells Kane to take levels 1 through 3, and Barry to take 4 through 6. Later at 00:42:00 Kane is talking to JP about levels 4 and 6. (00:25:30 - 00:42:00)

Correction: He was finished with levels 1 to 3. Nothing is preventing him from looking at the other levels when he is finished. He could be playing them for his own enjoyment, or just "proofing" Barry's work.

Corrected entry: During a video game testing session one player had attained a score of 155. Shortly thereafter that game ended with that player having a score of 150. Scores only go up, never down.

Wayne C.

Correction: I have a game - SubSinker - that 'fines' the player up to 10,000 points for making mistakes. The dumber the mistake, the higher the fine.

Continuity mistake: When they have rolled all the weed together, Dante lit the bong with both of his hands on the bong, but in the next shot he is just sitting back on the couch.

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Alex: Why don't you answer your phone?
Dante: Oh I'm sorry, I was putting up my Christmas tree.
Alex: Dude, it's July.
Dante: Get the fuck out of here it is?

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Trivia: In the scene where Alex is playing the frog game with Timmy, Alex's winning score lands exactly on 420, which is a popular pot head number. (00:17:35)

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