Brokeback Mountain
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Ennis Del Mar: Bottom line is, we're around each other an' this thing, it grabs hold of us again at the wrong place, at the wrong time, and we're dead.

Jack Twist: That's more words than you've spoke in the past two weeks.
Ennis Del Mar: Hell, that's the most I've spoke in a year.

Continuity mistake: When Ennis brings Alma Jr. and Jennie to Alma at the Supermarket, Alma Jr. grabs a jar of peanuts off the end display. This causes a group of jars to come crashing down, breaking glass and causing peanuts and glass to fly all over. Alma squats down to the floor to help pick up the broken jars and peanuts, but when Alma bends back up and goes to bring the girls to the front of the store, all the jars that had crashed and broken on the end display shelf are now upright and whole before anyone had had the time to pick them all up. (00:59:10)

Kenneth Noto

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Question: What exactly did Jack do with that man in Mexico?

Answer: The man was a male prostitute. Jack engaged him to have sex.

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