Brokeback Mountain

Question: What exactly did Jack do with that man in Mexico?

Answer: The man was a male prostitute. Jack engaged him to have sex.

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Answer: At first they were just wrestling and horsing around. However, underlying tensions and frustrations over their impossible situation, and Ennis' reluctance to commit to Jack, causes their anger (particularly Jack's) to overtake them, and it erupts into a full-blown fight.

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Question: Why did Lureen lie to Ennis about how Jack died?

Answer: Lureen may have been lied to about how Jack died. As a kid, Ennis had seen the body of a man that was killed for being gay. Knowing that Jack was 'seeing' other men, Ennis knew that he must have been killed for that reason instead of the way that Lureen explained it. Even if she did know the truth, she may have lied to him because she didn't want Ennis to know how Jack really died.

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Question: What did Ennis mean at the end of the movie when he says "Jack, I swear"? It seemed really out of place.

Answer: I feel it meant "I swear our love will never die." Or "I swear I'll love you forever."

Answer: There's been a lot of discussion as to what this line actually means, but there's no definitive answer.

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I feel like it is a statement of loss, what they had, what could have been, but Jack is now gone. They will never be together again, but the strong feelings of love and hurt that Ennis has been, and always will be, there.

Question: What was the deal about Jack's parents at the end of the movie?

Answer: Jack's father knew he was homosexual, and he was not accepting of it, but he did want him buried in the family plot. His mother also knew but accepted Ennis as his friend, and she understood he'd love to see Jack's bedroom.

Question: After a storm, Jack and Ennis see the sheep all mixed up with someone else's sheep and Jack says "Get on in there and untangle 'em Chilean sheep out of ours." What does he mean by Chilean sheep? They are not in Chile. The sheep all looked the same. I'm curious.

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Chosen answer: The sheep are not Chilean, but the shepherds are. In the original script, Jack tries to talk to them, but they do not speak English and neither he nor Ennis speaks Spanish. This was cut, but we can still hear the Chilean shepherds speaking Spanish to one another while they try to separate the herds.

Question: While the sheep were counted, Aguirre said to Jack and Ennis "Some of these never went up there with you." with a frustrated look. What does he mean?

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Answer: He means they've brought back sheep that weren't part of the original herd, which implies they didn't completely separate them from the Chilean sheep earlier in the film.

Question: In the bar, Jack walks up to the guy named Jimbo who played rodeo clown and offers to pay for his beer. Did Jack hit on him?

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Answer: Not exactly, just kind of feeling out the situation to see if Jimbo might be amenable. Jimbo seems to sense what's going on and lets Jack know he's not interested.

Continuity mistake: When Jack Twist is chopping wood, right before Joe Aguirre visits him on his horse, he sets up a piece of wood to chop. Jack talks to Joe and when the camera pans out to show him ready to chop again, the piece of wood is gone.

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Trivia: In the Middle East, a censored version of the movie was released that eliminated all of the homosexual content. The result apparently didn't make any sense at all as the scenes were important plot points.

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