The Ringer

The Ringer (2005)


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David Patrick: We stopped off for ice cream.
Winston: When the fuck did we get ice cream?

Glen: Hey! Guess how many fingers I have.
Steve Barker: Uhh, 10?
Glen: No. I have 8 fingers and 2 thumbs! Ha Ha Ha.

Mark: I've seen better acting on porno.

Mark: Why'd you scratch his C D?
Steve Barker: Jeffy just admiring it.
Mark: Do it again and you'll be admiring my butt from the pavement with a straw.
Steve Barker: ...What?
Mark: You heard me.

Glen: People tell us all the time what we won't ever do. Won't ever read, won't ever have a job, won't ever learn to tie my own shoes, won't ever have a girlfriend. Well I have done all those things.
Mark: But you can't tie your own shoes.
Winston: And you never had a girlfwiend.
Glen: That's right.

Thomas: I don't want her to know that I like her, I... did you know Christ was a Jew?

Winston: Hey steve, ask me any movie.
Steve Barker: Okay, hmm..."Jaws"
Winston: That's a good movie.

Billy: You scratched my CD! You picked it up in pure daylight and you scratched it.

Rudy: Smooth moove, Ajax.

Glen: Next time we should go Danish - split it 60/60.
Lynn Sheridan: You mean 50/50.
Glen: What, you don't believe in tipping?

Continuity mistake: In the very first scene in the movie, where we see Steve listening to the motivational tape, he is wearing a red tie with polka dots. Then, when he is shown walking toward his boss' office and he falls, you can see that his red tie has changed to a gold tie. When he is in his superior's office you can see that it is back to red, and when he goes to find Stavi in the restroom the tie is gold again. (02:00:00)

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Question: Can somebody please tell me the joke that Lynn keeps trying to tell.

Answer: The grandmother takes her grandson to the beach and falls asleep, while she is sleeping a huge wave comes in and sweeps the boy out to sea. Grandma wakes up to find the boy gone and begins to pray "Lord, if you bring him back, I will do anything you want." Another huge wave comes in and deposits the boy safe and sound in front of the grandmother and she looks to heaven and says "he had a hat on, you know!"

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