Silver City

Silver City (2004)

Ending / spoiler

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Floating stiff found drifting on the surface of the local lake turns out to be migrant worker Yanez/Fito/Rafi/Contreras/Tony Guerra/Lupe Montoya/Lazaro Huerta/Freddy Mondragon who fell off a construction platform into some toxic chemicals whilst doing an unsafety clean up. Vince Esparza in charge of the workers ordered the others to dump him in the waterway system and establish a cover up. Danny exposes Vince who confronts him during a carnval cornering him in an alleyway intent on shooting him...only to be blown away by Sheriff Joe Skaggs' over-egar Deputy Davis. Local law enforcers settle on closing the case blaming Vince for the crimes. But Danny senses corruption and a potential enviromental dissaster looming over the horizon. But he gets fired for his trouble by his boss who's loyal to Dickie Pilager. Danny's fears come true as toxic chemicals spill out into the connecting river systems steadily poisoning the fish populations. As the last scene shows of a a mass of dead fish floating across the lakes as the chemicals slowly spread over towards every water supply.

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