Guy X

Guy X (2005)

Ending / spoiler

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Occupants of secret wing of war wounded turn out to be a Vietnam squadron Lane Woolwrap led and subsquently ended up in this condition. During a blizzard millitary officals step in and shut down the base and escourt everyone off the site. Sensing a clean up job, Rudy Spruance & Irene Teal search the secret silo containing those hidden disabled veterans only to find they've been cleared out and disposed off bar one...Guy X the only one of them still fully consious and most mobile...has managed to elude the hit squads long enough to be found by the pair concealed under his bed. Both opt to take him with them onto the last plane out of here (as they've missed all the others) but moving him is complicated, since he's minus most of three limbs despite this between both of them they manage to drag/carry him outside, whereupon Guy wirly remarks it's the first time he's been outside in so long and it's snowing. Sensing how futile it is to be moved over to the plane despite his potential saviors' optermism Guy makes it clear that he cannot go on since he more or less died long ago and although he should've perished back in Nam but didn't he can tell his fate has overtaken him. Grudgingly Rudy and Irene prop him up against the structure whilst he looks skyward whilst slowly succumbing to the cold...before seemingly breathing his last. Tearfully they close his eyes before heading off only to come across Lane distraught and deeply embittered over losing his comrades in arms a gun pointing in their directions. After contemplating double homicide Lane opts for suicide by blowing his brains out both leave him to be snow covered like Guy who looks like he's still not fully dead as our duo clamber onto the plane and fly off Guy more or less burried in slush and ice finally dies.

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