Yours, Mine and Ours
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Otter Beardsley: I get the top bunk 'cause I'm older.
Ely Beardsley: By two minutes.
Frank Beardsley: When I was in, I always had the bottom bunk?
Otter Beardsley: Did the guy above you wet his bed?
Frank Beardsley: Good point. Sound off.
Kelly Beardsley: Three, four. Do they have girls' boxing at our new school?
Frank Beardsley: I hope not.

Michael Beardsley: Does not complaining about the move from San Diego count as my good dead for today?
Frank Beardsley: I'd sign off on that.

Harry Beardsley: Oh my God, who's killing a goat?

Max: What's on my head, what's on my head, what's on my head?
Phoebe North: Jimmy, we found Rainbow.

Frank Beardsley: Don't worry, you'll soon be doing this in your sleep.
Dylan North: I am asleep.

Frank Beardsley: Well, Mrs. Munion, what do you think about Connecticut?
Mrs. Munion: I'm delighted to be here, in the birthplace of Lyme disease.

Ethan: Admiral, is this lady going to be our new mommy?
Frank Beardsley: I don't think so. It's just a blind date.
Otter Beardsley: She can't see?
Ely Beardsley: Can she navigate using sonar? Like a bat?

Frank Beardsley: Hey, trust me. One hour of sea together and you'll be best friends.

Helen North: We don't spank our children.
Michael Beardsley: The admiral does.
Frank Beardsley: Occasionally. A little pat on the butt sends a clear message.
Helen North: Well you're not spanking my children.
Frank Beardsley: I thought they were our children.
Helen North: You're not spanking our children.
Frank Beardsley: Okay, fine. Let's just let them all run naked and wild.
Kids: Yay.

Ethan: Need more chocolate.

Dylan North: Yeah, somebody might actually think your cool, If they didn't know you.
William Beardsley: Ha! That's funny.

Aldo North: Mom, no.
Helen North: What, honey?
Aldo North: Remember the old you? Spanking is never the answer.

Harry Beardsley: Admiral, this is our twelfth move in my lifetime.
Frank Beardsley: I admire your record keeping Harry. First grade shifts log.

Commandant Sherman: Now what?
Frank Beardsley: It's my kids.

Frank Beardsley: Listen up. These are your schedules, with latrine times. You get seven minutes each, do not waste it.

Frank Beardsley: That's it! I am putting the hammer down.
Aldo North: Is it a real hammer?
Frank Beardsley: No Aldo, it's just an expression.
Aldo North: I'm scared.
Helen North: Oh, don't be, honey.
Ethan: Should I go get the hammer, sir?

Frank Beardsley: So then I asked her to marry me.
Helen North: And I said "yes."
Frank's Kids: What?
Helen North: Oh, it was spontaneous and so romantic.
William Beardsley: You got married?
Christina Beardsley: Without telling us?
Frank Beardsley: Yeah, yeah.
William Beardsley: At least when you were re-assigned at Guam, there was an e-mail.

Dylan North: Mom gets married, we get drafted.

Revealing mistake: Very obvious stunt double when Dennis Quaid's character falls off the forklift into the kiddie pool at the hardware store.

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