The Producers

Trivia: In the first scene in Max's office, there is a calendar showing the date as June 16. Leopold Bloom is a character in James Joyce's Ulysses, which recounts the events of a single day. June 16th.

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Trivia: When Ulla first enters the office, watch the eyes on the King Leer poster behind the door. They move.

Trivia: Mel Brooks "composed" the music for the Broadway show (which would go on to become this movie) by humming tunes into a tape recorder. Someone who was musically literate would then write it down on staff paper.

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Trivia: In this movie, Matthew Broderick says to Nathan Lane "Oh how I hate you!" and he replies "Double! Double!". In the movie Mouse Hunt, Lars says to Ernie "I hate you!" and Ernie (played by Nathan Lane) gives the same response. Both characters even say it in the same style.

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Trivia: Stay 'till the end of the credits for a last musical number entitled "Goodbye".

Trivia: After Along Came Bialy, Max goes into the safe and says "Hello boys" and later Leo is looking at the papers saying "work, work, work, work" that is referring to a scene from Blazing Saddles when the Mayor (Mel Brooks) is signing contracts and says "work, work, work, work, hello boys have a good night rest I missed you"

Trivia: Susan Stroman, the director of this movie, was the choreographer in the stage version. She won a Tony award for her efforts.

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Trivia: Out of all the girls wearing pearls and the old ladies, only two of them were in the broadway show.

Trivia: The "Beautiful Girls wearing nothing but pearls" are actually wearing 20 pounds of nothing but pearls.

Trivia: Before Hans the Nazi sells Bialastock and Bloom his script, he first makes them take the "Zigfried oath." Zigfried was Maxwell Smart's main adversary in "Get Smart," the 1960's TV show created and written by Mel Brooks.

Trivia: During the musical number Springtime for Hitler, the line "Don't be stupid, be a smarty. Come and join the Nazi Party" is dubbed over by Mel Brooks, who loves to make cameos in his own films.


Continuity mistake: During Ulla's audition, at some point she is behind the desk somewhat bending over Max. Her veil falls down on her left arm. There is then a cut and her veil is back up in its proper position, then in the next cut it's back down as it was two cuts before.


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Leo Bloom: Mr. Marks, you were right about one thing. You are a CPA. A Certified Public ASS-HOLE.

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