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Corrected entry: When Lane and Broderick are on the rooftop talking to Ferrell, the bag of birdseed on the barrel changes position and eventually disappears throughout the scene.


Correction: If you pay close attention you can see that Franz picks up the bag to feed his birds with it.

Corrected entry: During "Springtime for Hitler," Roger (as Hitler,) says something along the lines of "someone burned the Reichstag, and wouldn't you know it, they made me Chancellor!" Actually, the Reichstag was burned about a month after Hitler was named Chancellor. It is odd that Liebkind would have made this error in writing the script, as he experienced these events firsthand."

Correction: Actually the line is, "I was just a paper hanger/No one more obscurer/Got a phone call from the Reichstag/Told me I was Fuhrer." There is no mention of a fire.

Corrected entry: At the start, in Max's office, you see his clothes line loaded with laundry. After he shoves Leo into the bathroom, he turns and catches his neck on the line, now suddenly without any clothes on it.


Correction: After Max shoves Leo in the bathroom the first time, he removes all of the laundry from the clothes line and sticks it in what looks like a mini-fridge or something of similar size. Then he has to shove Leo back into the bathroom and he turns and catches on the empty clothes line.

Corrected entry: In the Springtime play, an old man on the right side of the stage sings, but it is Mel Brooks' voice that we hear. Later he appears again and we hear his own voice.

Correction: That is the joke. It is not a mistake.

Corrected entry: On opening night, Max places a ladder over the doorway. When they tell Ferrel to break a leg he goes in and the ladder disappears from the doorway.

Correction: The ladder doesn't disappear. A man comes and carries it away.

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Continuity mistake: When Leo and Max first meet, Max throws water on Leo. When Leo leaves the office his shirt is magically dry.

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Mr. Marks: Do I smell the revolting stench of self-esteem?

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Trivia: Mel Brooks "composed" the music for the Broadway show (which would go on to become this movie) by humming tunes into a tape recorder. Someone who was musically literate would then write it down on staff paper.

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