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The Producers (2005)

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Continuity mistake: When Max Bialystock is singing "Along came Bialy", and the old ladies start coming out of the apartments, the first lady who comes out isn't there in the next shot.

Continuity mistake: When Leo and Max first meet, Max throws water on Leo. When Leo leaves the office his shirt is magically dry.

Continuity mistake: During Ulla's audition, at some point she is behind the desk somewhat bending over Max. Her veil falls down on her left arm. There is then a cut and her veil is back up in its proper position, then in the next cut it's back down as it was two cuts before.


Continuity mistake: After Ulla paints the entire office white, Max opens the safe and you can see that even the inside of the safe is white. Ulla couldn't paint the inside since she doesn't know the combination.

Continuity mistake: At the fountain, during the close up of Lane, you can see a couple sit on the fountain in the background. The next shot is an aerial shot and you can see the couple just start to sit. Then another closeup of Lane, and they are sitting again.


Continuity mistake: In the beginning, when Broderick and Lane are introduced, many things on the desk move between shots, especially Broderick's eyeglasses.


Revealing mistake: When Max is singing the song "Betrayed", the bars of his cell shake visibly several times.

Continuity mistake: The papers on the desk constantly change position during the Thurman/Broderick dance. After Thurman brushes them onto the floor, their position changes in different shots as well.


Deliberate mistake: When the police come into Max's office near the end, they force Franz Liebkind to drop his gun. Immediately after doing so, Franz cringes in pain, implying that the gun was dropped on his foot. However, the gun was dropped about 2 feet from where his foot would have been. It would have been literally impossible for the gun to have hit his foot.

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Continuity mistake: Near the end of the movie, Max is yelling at Franz Liebkind in his office. Franz sits on the couch and looks very sad, about to cry. It cuts to a wider shot, and Franz is now slightly turned to the side, sobbing quite a lot. [Visible only in the widescreen version].

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Other mistake: At the end of the "We Can Do It" scene, the Checker Cab the stars get into is a late model. It is definitely not the same vintage as the other 50's model cars in the movie. These cabs appear in various other street scenes.

Continuity mistake: During "Old Lady Nympho", The balcony door goes from being cracked open to wide open when Lane pushes the mannequin through the doorway.


Factual error: The Swedish girl Ulla keeps saying "God dag, min vännen" as a greeting. Problem is, the grammar is incorrect. "God dag, min vän" means "good day, my friend". "God dag, min vännen", as Ulla says, means "good day, my the friend". "Vännen" is the definite article of the Swedish word for "friend".

Continuity mistake: Before Leo and Max leave to go see Franz Liebkin and Roger DeBris, the apartment is a mess, with unread plays, pizza crust and drinks, but when they return the apartment is spotless.

Continuity mistake: When Lane climbs on the desk in the beginning, during the "You Can Do It" song, he steps on the open account book. In the next wide shot, the account book is closed.


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Max and Leo are trying to persuade the director to join them, his "Chrysler Building" dress changes between shots during the song. In the close up shots, one side of the collar has got caught inside the dress, then it cuts to a longer shot and it is all outside again. This happens several times during the whole routine.

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Mr. Marks: Do I smell the revolting stench of self-esteem?

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Trivia: Mel Brooks "composed" the music for the Broadway show (which would go on to become this movie) by humming tunes into a tape recorder. Someone who was musically literate would then write it down on staff paper.

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