Cheaper by the Dozen 2

The Baker family enter the competition and end up in the final with the Murtaughs. They have to do canoeing and Nora can't because she's pregnant. She decides that she can and they enter the final. Halfway through when the Murtaughs are winning, Nora's baby starts being born. They stop the boat and get to shore with the Murtaughs close behind them. Nora and Bud go to hospital where Nora has her baby. They pick Lorainne to be the godmother and Nora names the baby after her dad, Tom.


Continuity mistake: When Kenneth and Mark run over to the golf buggy, as they talk the position of the chinstrap hanging down from Mark's hat keeps changing from hanging down / hanging over his shoulder.

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Lorraine Baker: Still smells the same. Old gross stuff, dead animals, and murky lake water.
Tom Baker: It's called fresh air sweetie.

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