Prince Nasir Al-Subaai (Alexander Siddig) decides to give the oil rights to the Chinese, instead of the USA. He hopes to succeed his father as emir, but his younger brother is chosen instead. Bob Barnes (George Clooney) is scapegoated by the CIA, and considered a rogue agent. The CIA sets forward their plan to assassinate Nasir. Bob learns of the plan and attempts to warn Nasir, but is blown to bits along with Nasir by a Predator attack from the CIA. Bryan Woodman (Matt Damon) was in a following vehicle at the time. He survived the blast and returns home to be with his family. The missile launcher that Barnes lost at the beginning of the film, ends up in the hands of the migrant workers, Wasim (Mahzar Munir) and Saleem Khan (Shahid Ahmed). The two commit suicide by driving their boat (with the missile on it) into a Connex-Killen LNG tanker. The final scene shows Bennett Holiday (Jeffrey Wright) returning home from a party, once again finding his father waiting half asleep on the front steps of his house.

Continuity mistake: In the breakfast scene at the Woodsman house, the cereal level in Riley's bowl changes between shots.


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Bob Barnes: I want you to take him from his hotel, drug him, put him in the front of a car, and run a truck into it at 50 mph.

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