Continuity mistake: When Bob and Robby are eating Mexican food, Robby borrows a bottle of hot sauce from a neighboring table. When he gets done putting the sauce on his food he places the bottle on the right side of the table. The bottle remains there until the end of the conversation. At the very end of the conversation we see that the bottle is now in the center of the table directly between them.


Continuity mistake: In the breakfast scene at the Woodsman house, the cereal level in Riley's bowl changes between shots.


Continuity mistake: When Dean Whiting's limousine stops next to Bennett Holiday as he's out jogging, its windows are heavily tinted. However, at the end of the scene, when Holiday is dropped off at his townhouse, the windows appear to be not tinted at all.

Continuity mistake: The digital clock in the CIA monitoring room reads the same time, even after a couple of minutes pass.


Factual error: In one of the scenes where the young terrorist boy is talking with his young buddies, in the background is the unmistakable image of the Burj al-Arab, a huge sail shaped hotel that is located in Dubai (where the movie was actually shot), however this is supposed to be taking place in Iran. This hotel is a well known international landmark and architectural icon.

Factual error: In the scene where Woodman receives a call from his wife on his Blackberry, we see a shot of his Blackberry with the display reading "Julie - Home" and the number +41 149 57 79. The Woodman's in Geneva, Switzerland. While the film makers would obviously not show a real phone number, they did not get the phone number composition right. The country code is correct (41), however the Geneva area code is 022 (or 22 in international calling); so, the display should say 41 22 followed by a 7 digit number.

Prince Nasir Al-Subaai: When a country has five percent of the world's population but does fifty percent of its military spending, then the persuasive powers of that country are on the decline.

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