Manderlay (2005)


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Grace Margaret Mulligan: There's nothing to be afraid of. We've taken all of the family's weapons.
Wilhelm: No. I'm afraid of what will happen now. I feel we ain't ready - for a completely new way of life. At Manderlay we slaves took supper at seven. When do people take supper when they're free? We don't know these things.

Grace Margaret Mulligan: You think the Negroes wanted to leave their homes in Africa, wasn't it us who brought them to America? We have done them a great wrong. It's our abuses which made them what they are.

Mam: I beg you, one woman to another.
Grace Margaret Mulligan: Woman to woman, makes no difference to me. The sins of the past are sins I cannot and do not wish to help you erase.

Grace's Father: Now, they will not admit it, but it's a fact. Deep down inside, there isn't a woman alive who doesn't nurture these fantasies... whether they involve harems, being hunted through the jungle by torch-bearing natives. However much they go on and on about civilization and democracy, sexy it ain't.

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