World's Fastest Indian

Continuity mistake: Just before Burt gets ready for his record-setting attempt, he wraps some asbestos cloth around his leg to protect it from the hot exhaust pipe. This does not allow him to fit his leg within the cowling of the bike, so he throws it off and puts his leg in without the protective covering. As he inserts his leg into the cowling, you can see that his pants leg is bunched up around his calf, not tucked into the top of his sock, as is Burt's usual procedure. However, a close up of the leg only a few moments later shows the pants leg tucked into the sock, and he could never have done that once he was fully seated in the cowling.

Factual error: At the beginning of the pie cart scene, street signs are visible in the background. They are a style that was introduced around 30 years after the time the film is set.

Continuity mistake: Burt purchased a car in California. Apparently he bought more than one nearly identical car. The license plates randomly change throughout the movie.

Wayne C.

Continuity mistake: When Burt is racing the group of young guys he has on a darker tan tinted pair of goggles. But when he wrecks his bike around the turn and stands up, he has on white non-tinted goggles.

Revealing mistake: The movie is set in 1962, the year of Burt's first trip to Bonneville, yet a U-Haul trailer with a present-day paint scheme is shown at the salt flats.

Gas Station Attendant: Regular or Ethol?
Burt Munro: Who's Ethol?

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