The Ice Harvest

Charlie (John Cusack) kills Vic (Billy Bob Thorton) because he thought he killed his wife, Gladys. He goes back to his girlfriend, Rusti (Lara Phillips) who is being held hostage by Culligan (Bill Noble) at the strip club. He goes back and finds Rusti tied up, but Culligan in the restroom. He hides and gets the shotgun ready, shoots Culligan in the face, but he is still alive. He stabs Charlie in the foot, but Charlie shoots him again and he is killed. Afterwards, Charlie finds out that Rusti was working with Vic the whole time and were planning to possibly kill Charlie for the money. He kills her and drives off with his buddy, Peter (Oliver Platt).


Factual error: The night the episode takes place is described to have freezing rain with very icy road conditions. Vic describes the roads to Charlie as a "hockey rink" in one of their conversations, Charlie loses control of his car and slides off the road in one scene, and he slips on an ice patch and falls flat on his back in another. However, throughout the night, there are rather large drops of rain falling and puddles with unfrozen water on the roadways and parking lots. Being from upstate New York, I can tell you that freezing rain falls in much smaller droplets, and ice will accumulate wherever there is any water on the ground, not just in some places.

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Pete Van Heuten: Yo-ho-ho, mofo.

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Trivia: The ice that Vic dies in is only wax over water made to look like ice.

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