Hellraiser: Deader

Trivia: The original script by Neal Marshall Stevens had nothing to do with the Hellraiser mythos, but when it was decided that this would be a Hellraiser sequel, Tim Day made the character of Winter a descendant of the toymaker L'Merchant.

Continuity mistake: After Amy gets off the train with Marla and Marla starts circling her, she asks her why she thinks she's not dead after being stabbed in the heart. The stab wound was quite low down in the centre of Amy's chest, not in her heart at all.

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Pinhead: When you attempted to live beyond death, you entered into my domain.
Winter: Oh my God.
Pinhead: You should be very careful what you wish for. It just might come true.

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Question: How come only a select few people are supposed to be able to open the box (the ritual leader not being one of them) but it managed to open just by Amy throwing it across the room at the end? In the past movies also, anyone who gets their hands on the cube seem to have little or no trouble opening it.

Answer: There is no logical answer to this. This should just be added to the mistake section.

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