Wolf Creek
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Ben Mitchell: How much do you want for this?
Mick Taylor: I'm not gonna charge ya, you stupid bastard. Did you hear that?"How much"! Ha ha ha.


Liz Hunter: Why would he lie?
Kristy Earl: Because he's a bloke.

Mick Taylor: Where you from, mate?
Ben Mitchell: Sydney.
Mick Taylor: Poofter capital of Australia.

Mick Taylor: I'm going to do something now they used to do in Vietnam. It's called making a head on a stick.

Kristy Earl: Someone's got a crush on you.
Ben Mitchell: Yeah, Graham the attendant. I could tell.

Ben Mitchell: I think it'd be cool, you get to go from place to place saying things like 'that's not a knife - this is a knife'.

Mick Taylor: I was doing people a service really, by shooting them. There's kangaroos all over the place... like tourists.

Mick Taylor: What was it your mate said again? Oh, yeah, that's not a knife - this is a knife.

Continuity mistake: When Lisa runs towards the sea at the beginning of the movie, she is wearing a vest and pants, but as she is seen running back away from the sea, she is wearing shorts.

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