Wolf Creek

Liz wakes up the next morning bound and gagged. She cuts herself free with some glass after struggling and crying for a day. She escapes through a window and makes her way to the fire. She finds that Kristy and Ben are no where to be seen and makes a quick get away. While running away she hears a scream towards the industrial shed. She turns around and makes her way towards the scream. She runs around the side of the shed and peers into the window to see Kristy, who appears to have been tortured for some time, screaming at Mick. Liz torches the car to distract Mick and runs into the shed. She tries to help Kristy but hides under the bench before Mick returns. When he does Liz shoots him in the neck and escapes with Kristy. They run to his blue ute and realise they need the keys. Liz returns to Mick on the ground and takes his keys. Liz then drives them both out of the mine while he is hot on their trail. They drive to a quarry and push it in pretending they were inside the car. They hide on the edge of the quarry ledge when Mick comes and he doesnt see them. Then they decide to return back to the mine to get a car, seeing they are out in the middle of nowhere. It cuts to Ben nailed to a board inside a mine passed out. Once back at the mine Kristy refuses to re-enter and Liz promises to her that she will return with a car, and if she doesnt to make an escape. Liz finds her way to another big shed full of cars. She explores further and finds evidence suggesting that Mick has been kidnapping victims from Wolf Creek for along time. She also finds out that the water he gave them was some kind of poison Mick had from his job of ridding companies of pests. She gets into a car to escape and, seeing she has Mick's keys, tries to start the car. She gets it going and she hears a cackle from behind her. Mick stabs her and she falls out of the car. Mick then tells her that Ben's knife was not a knife and his massive knife was. He then swears at her for ruining his car. He rips into her spine and she falls onto the ground like a doll. Kristy wakes up and decides that Liz is not coming back and decides to make an escape on foot. She runs all night and makes it to the road in the morning. Then with a white top splashed with blood and a face flowing with blood runs down the road bare foot. A car comes and he stops to help her, puts her into the back and goes to get a blanket. Then a shot is heard and the old man's head is splattered onto the back windscreen of the car. Kristy gets out of the car and it shows Mick's gun scoping her out. She then gets the keys and tries to make the car start, she sees Mick car racing towards her. There is then a car chase and Mick goes into the ditch, he then shoots her cars tyres and she goes into the ditch too. Mick drives up and sees her crawling on the ground trying to escape, he shoots her in the back. He then walks up to her body and shoots her in the head. He hides the body. Ben wakes in the mine with dogs barking at him in a cage and a dead body nailed to the wall. He pulls his hands up over the nails and blood squirts onto his body. He escapes and runs for the bush. He passes out overnight and a body is seen over him in the morning. It turns out to be some tourists and they take him to a nearby town. Ben is placed into a plane and taken to hospital. It then shows Ben in a suit going to court. The screen says that there was only one witness and the police thought his story was suspicious, it says where he now lives in Australia confirming it was a real story. The last shot is Mick walking into the Australian sunset.

Amos Taylor

Visible crew/equipment: The cameraman is visible in Ben's sun glasses as he is video taping himself at the gas station.

William Bergquist
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Ben Mitchell: How much do you want for this?
Mick Taylor: I'm not gonna charge ya, you stupid bastard. Did you hear that?"How much"! Ha ha ha.

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