Wolf Creek

Wolf Creek (2005)

12 mistakes

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Continuity mistake: As Kristy is being loaded into the trunk of the car, the bottom of her feet are perfectly clean. She was running barefoot all night through blood, dirt and mud so her feet should be filthy.

Continuity mistake: When Lisa runs towards the sea at the beginning of the movie, she is wearing a vest and pants, but as she is seen running back away from the sea, she is wearing shorts.

Audio problem: In the end of the movie, when Ben is found by two Swedish backpackers, the subtitles doesn't match with what the the woman is saying. The subtitles say something like "Come on, lets get him out of here", when in fact she says "Herregud hur kom han hit?", which roughly translates as "Oh my god, how did he get here?"

Continuity mistake: When the backpackers' car breaks down they're annoyed because they can't even turn the headlights on, but when the killer comes to tow their car, the headlights are on.

Other mistake: When Ben lies wounded in the open, we are treated to a solar eclipse followed by a full moon. These events must be 2 weeks apart. Long enough for Ben to have grown a beard (which doesn't happen), but too long for him to survive without water.

Continuity mistake: When Liz is knifed by Mick through the abdomen,the blade is shown extending 2-3 in. through her gut. In order for the knife to have penetrated the car seat and her body and still protrude that far, it would have to be twice as long as the 12-14 in. it appears to be.

Factual error: We see a solar eclipse take place, yet we also see numerous shots of the moon in which is at least half-full. Some of these lunar shots must be within a couple of days of the eclipse, though it couldn't take less than 7 days for the phase of the moon to change that much.

Continuity mistake: At one point the protagonist picks up and loads a silver magnum handgun. Within a few seconds, the gun is inexplicably gone from her possession and does not show up again. (01:16:00)

Other mistake: In the beginning of the movie the plot is set in Broome, Western Australia. But all the vehicles in the movie have South Australian number plates.


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