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Corrected entry: An old highschool classmate comes into the restaurant one day and flaunts his success. He gives Justin an insulting $100 tip and says, "You need it more than me." He is an engineer and mentions how many $Gs he's pulling per year. This is part of the epiphany which leads Justin to quit. Justin is embarrassed to be seen there as a waiter. But at a different part in the movie, Justin and Ryan Reynolds are talking about how much money they are pulling per week as waiters. If you do the math, he's actually making the same amount of money as his engineer old classmate. The writer should have had the engineer bragging about making $80k, not $40k.

Correction: It's not just about the money, it's about the self-respect. The Engineer looked down on Justin because he was a waiter. *This* is what Justin really seeks to change about his life, not just his income level.

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Corrected entry: Dan calls the tow truck company before he knows the driver of the car is not going to Shenaniganz.

Correction: Not a movie mistake, the manager calls the tow driver a lot, more of a character mistake.

Corrected entry: Prior to when Monty brings Mitch outside to show him the dumpster area, we see Raddimus (Luis Guzman) and his girlfriend (is it Amy? I can't remember) walk across the screen from right to left. After Monty talks to Mitch for a minute or two we see Raddimus approach the two, again from the right side but we never see him get there as he walked back into the restaurant with his girlfriend.

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Correction: If you watch closely after Raddimus and his girlfriend go into the restaurant, Raddimus walks back (right in front of Monty and Mitch) from left to right. Then he approaches Monty and Mitch from the right. Not a mistake.

Continuity mistake: When Dean returns to the drink station after being given a business card, he crumples it and drops it on the floor to reveal that it's for a steakhouse. But it cuts to a front-shot of him speaking to Monty, he still has the crumpled card in his hand.


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